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Dreams of a Bright Future

By Modeofstyle @modeofstyle
Dreams of a Bright Future
As my previous blog posts suggests, I do think a lot about where I am now and where I want to go in life. Expectations and reality doesn't always add up and plans are hard to follow through when life pulls you in different directions.
Trial and error have been my approach to life and it has taken me where I am today. I've taken loads of different paths, tried them out, decided they were not for me and taken another turn for something else. One thing that has always played on my mind though is to have a business of my own.
I'm definitely not ready to take the leap yet, I know too little about it. Also, I'm very comfortable where I am now and loving my job, so I'm not wanting to change ways quite yet. A few years ago I might have gone for a different path if I would have known how to get about it. There are so many online resources though to help you out if you're looking to start up your own, like from the government. Their first point is to start with an idea, which is a great tip. However, you also need some money... There are ways to find funds for a new start ups, like the Virgin Startup. It's a non-profit company for entrepreneurs and they recently funded a chocolate start up called YuCoCo and will be promoting a lingerie start up soon.
I wouldn't be looking to getting into chocolate or fashion though...
I'll share my little secret with you: my dream start up company is a spa. I would love to own my own spa. The implications and reality of that is too wast to even think about, but it's just what I would love to do. I trained to be a dermatologist and I love the industry, but not the every day work as a beautician at a spa. With that knowledge at hand though, and teaching myself about business, then finding funding, maybe one day a spa of my own could be a reality.
Kristina xx

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