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Dreams - All the Old Film Stars - Peter Sellers

Posted on the 20 December 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
dreams - all the old film stars - Peter Sellersthe old film stars in a film theater watching a newsreel, including a leering Peter Sellers with one of his big noses on, isn't really the dream I wanna write about.
It's the one about the touring TOUR DE FRANCE cycling team, they were all their, all the stars of the Tour De France over time, there they all were, parking their bikes at a bus station trying to get where we were all getting. I couldn't find my bus (this always happens) couldn't work out where I should be going.
In another dream, yeah I have a lot of these every night, I was watching a train crash then got caught under an 'eight tonne' train carriage. I was wedged in under a concrete block so I thought I'd be okay as the train carriage fell over onto me. But the train carriage was so heavy that it CRUSHED the concrete block I thought would protect me. The 'eight tonne' train carriage kep crushing the concrete block until I was totally stuck; I could see a thin triangle of light.
I knew I would be stuck here for ETERNITY.

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