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DPADD: New Social Network for Gamers Lets Users Keep Track of All Their Games

Posted on the 31 October 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera


There are a hundreds of social networks out there that allows you to express your feelings, share photos and chat with friends. But, if you’re less into talking and more into gaming, DPADD is the place you want to be.

The cool new social network for gamers, DPADD aims to create a database full of gamers around the world. This network basically lets you keep an “online journal” of all your games. You get to list all your favorite games individually as played, rated and even a list of games you want to play in the future.

Creator of DPADD, Clayton Correia explains that this social network is ”just like Goodreads, but for video games.” Although, unlike Goodreads, DPADD focuses on connecting gamers with similar interests and allow them to talk more about all the games they’re playing. Users can also manage their Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Twitch and Steam accounts on DPADD as well.


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As a gamer myself, I couldn’t resist checking out a social site dedicated entirely for gaming. So, I went over to DPADD to check it out. I’m not going to compare this network with other networks like Raptr because DPADD is new and needs a lot of space and time for development. Although, I must say it felt really great to use the site. DPADD has a simple but modernized user interface that goes well along with the genre, while making it really easy to find games and follow other gamers.  DPADD already has thousands of games on its’ database, punching in few letters on search will bring you any game you want. DPADD is the perfect place to stay in touch with your gaming buddies and also to find new online gamers to play with you.


DPADD is still new, but Correia has big plans for its’ future and improve the network with more features like Lists, Groups and integrate other social networks. ”At this point I’m totally focused on learning from users and understanding how they want to manage and share their gaming updates. I want Dpadd to be the best place to discuss what you’re playing and keep a journal of all your gaming activity.” Correia told Fresh INFOS.

After nearly an year of development, DPADD  has just launched publicly. You can now start creating your online journal of games. Go check out DPADD and let us know what you think about this social network.

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