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Download of the Week (8/9/13): Abi Ann ‘Daydreaming’

Posted on the 09 August 2013 by Catchmyear @catchmyear

Abi Ann DaydreamingWhen Taylor Swift first got on the scene there was something about her music that everyone loved.  The one thing I loved about her music was the story that she was able to tell.  I also loved the acoustic sound she had with a hint of country.  Since Taylor Swift to me has gone way to main stream I found the next new thing that will fill that missing piece in my music and that is singer Abi Ann.

Her song ‘Daydreaming’ was just released as a single with a music video.  Right off the bat my thoughts was early taylor swift but I am blown away when she starts singing.  The harmony in this song is dead on and you can help but tap your foot.  What I love about this song is you can close your eye and envision it being played around the camp fire and everyone joining in.

This is when music is at it’s best!  When it’s raw and all of the emotion is there.  Now you know she has some serious talent when she won and award as America’s Favorite Teen Country Artist by the Independent Music Network for 2012 and Best New Teen Artist among five additional awards from the Artists in Music Awards 2013.

This song is available in iTunes and trust me once you hear this song you will head right over to get it.  Please take a look at her music video for the song below.

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