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Donald Trump's Nomination of Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is an Abomination, Like Picking Tiny Tim to Lead the New York Philharmonic

Posted on the 18 November 2016 by Rogershuler @RogerShuler

Donald Trump's nomination of  Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general is an abomination, like picking Tiny Tim to lead the New York Philharmonic

Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump's announcement today that he would nominate U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as attorney general met with widespread praise from Alabama's conservative community. Meanwhile, I was among a number of progressives from around the country who took a highly critical view of the nomination.
Appearing on the San Francisco-based Peter B. Collins Show, I said Sessions was an awful choice to lead the nation's justice department. "It's like (picking) Tiny Tim to conduct the New York Philharmonic," I said. Collins said Trump was putting together a "cabinet of deplorables."
Here are more of my thoughts on Jeff Sessions, from today's interview with Peter B. Collins:
"It's hard to imagine a worse pick, a worse nomination. (Sessions) is a dreadful human being, he's a racist, and that's well on the record. He's been rejected already for a federal judgeship because of his racist comments. He's called a prominent black attorney in Alabama "boy." He's spoken disparagingly of civil-rights organizations. He's intentionally tried to gloss over civil-rights cases, not prosecute them. He's very much against immigration and for extremist approaches to that.
I don't think the rule of law means anything to him, I don't think he has any integrity. Alabama has maybe the worst so-called justice system in the United States and probably would fall well below the justice systems of many third-world countries.

Collins noted that the Riley political machine has helped create an environment of corruption in Alabama since at least 2002. Where does Sessions fit in what Collins characterized as a "cesspool"?
He has been U.S. Senator for that whole time. He's tied to Bob Riley. He helped put Mark Fuller on the federal bench, who is largely responsible for Don Siegelman being in prison. . . . And the Rileys, I know this personally . . . this is a preview for people. For people who think we need to give Donald Trump a chance, that he's not that bad . . . no, he's worse than bad if he's picking people like Jeff Sessions.

I pointed out to Collins that this is not just wild-eyed opinion, or guesswork, for me. I've seen firsthand the ugly environment corrupt Republicans have created in Alabama:
I've lived through it. I had Alabama cops come in my garage, inside my house, with no warrant, and beat me up, drag me off, and spray with mace.  My wife, they tried to get her . . . and had they gotten both of us, we probably would have been murdered. I've written that, so its not like you just happened to catch me at an emotional moment.

Donald Trump's nomination of  Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general is an abomination, like picking Tiny Tim to lead the New York Philharmonic

Peter B. Collins

 These people are as bad as it can get, they are organized crime, worse than the mafia. The notion of Jeff Sessions being attorney general of the United States . . . it's like Tiny Tim conducting the New York Philharmonic.
What's next? Collins and I touched on that:
We are heading for dark, dark days if don't get to the bottom of how Donald Trump got elected, if Russian hackers were involved.
Pryor is listed among 21 people Trump would consider as Supreme Court nominees. In my judgment Bill Pryor is at the top of that list, he's No. 1. It has nothing to do with qualifications; it's his ties to Jeff Sessions.
And Bill Pryor is the height of hypocrisy. He has absolute ties to 1990s gay pornography.

The full interview can be heard at the following link. Just scroll to the bottom and click on the audio file.

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