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Don’t Stop Living Becomes Ridiculous This Week: I’m the Busiest Person in the World #MSMLostLuggage

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair

“You’ve been so busy lately that you haven’t had the time.” – Damon Albarn.

Don't Stop Living Becomes Ridiculous this week: I'm the Busiest Person in the World

Don’t Stop Living Becomes Ridiculous this week: I’m the Busiest Person in the World – crossing from Senegal to Gambia yesterday

Yes I found a computer and this is a live blog!! This is ridiculous, how did life get this busy? Yet somehow, I found time and a laptop at this hotel to write this, I had to get it down while it’s fresh! I’m in Africa on a crazy challenge the #MSMLostLuggage challenge, this one, and yet I am too too busy to do anything. When I write up these stories people will not believe me. Senegal to Gambia was lunacy, pure lunacy, I crossed a border that everyone in Dakar told me was closed, would take 3 days to do it properly, was dangerous and ruled by mafia. None of it was dangerous, none of it was closed, border guards were helpful and it took me 12 hours. And why oh why is this happening to me? It’s too crazy. On the busiest week and the only week in 6 years without a laptop or internet access, I suddenly get all this…all at once and I must be honest, I cannot cope with it. What can a man do? I pour my Northern Irish heart out, one more time. What is going on?

This happened this week:

1.I’m contacted by the BBC, asked to work with them on an exciting project. Usually would be straight in there, contemplating it.

2.I’m contacted by the old Grammar School I hated asking to make amends again and write for their magazine (actually considering letting them back in despite my hate). The same week as the 22 year anniversary of the Great Exam Heist.

3.I’m told by my server and host that this website will now cost me $10,000 to upgrade and update. Ouch – I will be in so much debt again.

4.I have about 30 emails from genuine advertisers in the space of a week, worth about $10,000 to me, though it’s hard work and I won’t do that just to cover the debt owed.

5.Invited to Greece on a free trip. Ridiculous.

6.Invited to Portugal on a free trip. Ridiculous.

7.Invited to Puerto Rico on a free trip. Ridiculous.

8.Invited to Albania and Macedonia on a free trip. Ridiculous.

9.I’m supposed to be editing the Here We Go Again fanzine in time for Euro 2016, our first edition in 12 years.

10.I’m getting emails after emails from people asking why I haven’t replied. AH!!! I am in Africa, no laptop, I will reply to ALL of them when I can.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, I simply have no time to do any of this and live my life anymore. The book will never be finished or released until I start saying no to offers and until I stop moving. I keep trying to, but look at the last month of my life –

Kyrgyzstan – Russia – Germany – Austria – England – Lovely – Turkey – Mauritania – Senegal – Gambia. 25 different beds, met my best mates and my youngest brother, and I am trying to get my head together. BUT BUT BUT.

But the craziest news is I am in love with somebody. I am totally in love with this lady, she is so special. I normally try to keep things private, and for her I will. But I’ve said it, I’m so scared again. How did I meet such a wonderful person so soon after I split with Panny? Oh my.

“In my imagination there is no complication. I dream about you all the time. In my mind a celebration, the sweetest of sensation, thinking you could be mine.” – Kylie Minogue

$10,000 to keep this website running??? Or just spend that money on moving and traveling with someone I love and be done with the whole thing once and for all.

I share way too much on here and didn’t expect to write anything from Africa at all, but this resort, the epic FIVE STAR Coco Ocean Resort is the best place I have ever stayed in. Bar none. This is travel bliss, you won’t believe it.

Oh my oh my. On with the show. What can I do?

The amazing Coco Ocean Resort in Gambia

The amazing Coco Ocean Resort in Gambia

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