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Don't Let Your Home Be a Big Yawn for the Buyer! Add a Little Funk.

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

It's true. Although most of the time with Home Staging it is 'less is more' and you want to 'down play the things in the house so the house can be seen',  but there are times where you just have to add a little funk.

Once in a while the house either doesn't have much in the way of architectural features or it is a little aaahhhyyyyy...... Boring..... blah.  Don't let your home be a big yawn for the buyer! 

Person yawning

RR Entry 1


The house needs to stand out and be remembered by the buyer that walks through the door.

And sometimes you need to create that. That is what a Home Stager does.

A Home Stager knows when to cut back on the furniture and accessories to let the home speak for itself.    


Singing song

A trained Home Stager also knows when to add accessories to make the home sing, sing, sing. 

Here is an example of that. Here is a great town home. It was painted white (insert yawn here). Great fresh paint but not real warm and cozy.


The main living area is small, very tight quarters to fit everything into the space to make it functional.


Right outside the sliding glass door is the wall of another town home unit. Not the best of focal points.

There just isn't a lot to make the buyer remember this one in what might be a day of looking at dozens of homes.

So....enter the Home Stager!

Let's cozy up that entryway!

RR Entry 2

Let's show how that small living space can be utilized.


Let's add some bright color to warm up the space for that targeted buyer.


Oh...and let's just add a little funk. Yup, who wouldn't remember this table setting??


Please note: I do not recommend place settings for occupied homes and many times not even for vacant homes. But once in a while they service a purpose, showing the buyer the lifestyle that can come with their new home. Let's face is all about selling a lifestyle when you are selling a home.

You need the  home to stand out so if this is what it takes..... "Remember that fun town home with the bright orange flower? I want to entertain my friends there! Let's go see it again." then so be it. 

RR Tabletop 2

 It's true. There are times when you take things out, remove accessories and let the house show all it's features.

But there are other times when a little funk is a must.

Hire a Professional Home Stager to assist you with the right choices.

Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

 CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer


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