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Doggy and Zombie Wear for Runners: My Answer to Brad Pitt

By Nicoleao @momfever

Apart from zombies I’m also scared of dogs. And with good reason, because one of them bit me right in the butt!

Then I watched Brad Pitt in World War Z, and I got this great idea. Brad taped magazines to his arms to prevent the zombies biting him. And I figured: ‘Hey, if it works on zombies, it probably works on dogs too!’ After all they bite too.

Magazining up

So I ran into our living room, got me some magazines and started taping them around my arms. I must say, Brad Pitt made it look very easy. He must have put in a lot of time doing arts and crafts with all his  kids!

I however, had great trouble getting the magazines to stay in place, and the tape kept breaking. After I had finished ‘magazining’ my arms I figured: ‘Why not take it to the next level. I’ll put magazines around my legs too. In your face Brad Pitt! You didn’t think of that, now did you!’

Doggy and Zombie Wear

I’m thinking of starting my own company and call it Doggy and Zombie Wear for Runners! I’m sure it will be a hit.

doggy wear for runners

Doggy and Zombie Wear for Runners!

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