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Dog Attacks; Who Is To Blame The Dog Or The Owner?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


300px Rottweiler Dog Attacks; Who Is To Blame The Dog Or The Owner?

An undocked Rottweiler in profile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reading about the horrific death a 14 year old schoolgirl who died after she was attacked by a pack of “out of control” dogs leads me to the question of who is to blame, the dogs or the owner?

Four dogs, believed to be two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers, were shot by police marksmen. A fifth dog was contained at the house and not destroyed.

We do not have a dog as a family pet, but I know many do and they will argue that dogs makes great pets. While I have no fear of dogs in general, there are certain breeds I feel more wary of.

I understand the media covers negative news and we do not hear of the many great relationships that happen between man and his best friend, yet this attack has left many shaken.

I have had dogs in the past and have never feared that they would ever be a danger to the children; of course they were never left alone with the children because as a dog owner responsibility is key.

I do not know if the account written in the newspaper today is true, but to read the owner bred and sold puppies and had bragged how dangerous the breeds can be, it does make me question whether this attack could have been avoided. When she clearly stated one of her dogs was aggressive and did not like children.

As said these are newspaper allegations, perhaps the owner was a loving and responsible breeder. Other members of the community had voiced their concerns over the aggressive of the dogs that had lived at this address.

It appears to be a certain breeds of dogs that attack; we hear many times how the Rottweiler, the Bullmastiff, Pit Bulls and Staffies appear to be named as the main culprits.

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