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Does Your Husband Have More Clothes Than You? Do You Hide What You Spend from Each Other?

By Umkhaloodie

Was reading an article this morning in The Daily Mail

According to research, four in ten women don’t tell the truth about their spending habits but men are five times more likely to lie about spending on gadgets.

‘Women have 2000 beauty products in their bathroom cabinets but only use 327 on average and don’t open the others’. source

Do you lie about your spending habits?
I never hide what I’ve bought from BoKhalid, infact quite the opposite, I always come home and show him; I get excited when I buy things and couldn’t contain my excitement, bit silly perhaps but it seems like the normal thing to do.
I totally agree with the above article about the beauty products. Just recently I cleared my bathroom shelves and found 6 bottles of unopened shampoo… I’m a terrible horder when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. I tend to buy, buy, buy and half the time I don’t use them.

What about you guys? Do you hide your spending from your wives? Why do you think research suggests that you hide the fact you buy gadgets? Are they secret mobile phones and tablets?
Do you share your spending with your ladies?

I don’t see why it should be kept a secret but I know some women that do it too. Infact, anytime my grandmother went shopping, she would come home and hide three bags in her cupboard and pretend she had bought nothing, then when she appeared with her new bag or top and my grandfather said, ‘oh is that new?’ She would reply simply, ‘oh no, it’s old, just haven’t used/worn it in awhile’.
What’s the reason for so much secrecy in spending?

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