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Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2: Day of the Moon

Posted on the 04 May 2011 by Jimblack78
The Doctor is locked in the perfect prison. Amy, Rory and River Song are being hunted across America by the FBI. Terrifyingly powerful aliens have invaded Earth. And it's about to get much, much worse.In the stunning conclusion to the adventure that began with The Impossible Astronaut, the Doctor must mount a revolution to drive out the Silence. But he's got help in the form of President Nixon... and Neil Armstrong's foot.(From the BBC site)Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2:  Day of the MoonAs much as I liked the season opener, this episode was even better.  It contained the trademark horror that Steven Moffat has become known for.  The Silence are fantastic, seemingly unbeatable enemies.  Like the Weeping Angels (another Moffat creation) are most deadly when you don't look at them.  As soon as you take your eyes off of them, your memory of seeing them is erased.  One of my favorite sequences in this episode is when Amy finds the Silence hanging like bats from the ceiling of the orphanage.  The Doctor's plan for defeating the Silence is a stroke of genius.  I did not see that one until he reveals it at the end.The Doctor's final conversation with Richard Nixon is great.  The David Frost comment was a classic.Even though Amy says that Rory is her true love, the way she looks at the Doctor seem to tell a different story.  Only time will tell.Doctor Who Season 6 Episode 2:  Day of the MoonThe prison built for the Doctor parallels the trap used in the season ending two parter from last year.  I think this was Moffat's way of telling us that things were not the way they appeared.Based on the very short flashbacks the Doctor saw, it looks like the Silence were first hinted at in three different episodes from last year.  Leave it to Moffat to have plot lines crossing various seasons.One of the most jaw dropping moments was the final scene in the alley.  Someone besides the Doctor is regenerating.  I can't wait to see how Moffat develops this story.  He definitely has me hooked on this season.If you are not watching this show you need to start.  At least go back and watch the previous Moffat episodes and join the Doctor for an amazing ride this year.

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