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Doctor Who’s Day of the Doctor Episode Recreated with LEGO

By Boxmash
Doctor Who 50th LEGO

The 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who was epic. Day of the Doctor saw both the 10th and 11th Doctor team up with the War Doctor to help save their home planet of Gallifrey from destruction by the Daleks. It was the biggest episode of Doctor Who ever, and now it’s been recreated with the smallest toys. This LEGO short film by Bookshelf Productions retells the story of Day of the Doctor with some very cool Doctor Who minifigures. Take a look!

It’s only five minutes long, but it captures all the best scenes of the 80 minute long episode, including the scenes when every Doctor from history comes together to help seal Gallifrey away in a time pocket to stop the Daleks from burning it. The models of the Doctors themselves are really impressive and have all the right details; look at the 11th Doctor’s bowtie, and the 10th Doctor even has his long coat!

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