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Do You Agree With Tiger Woods - #Golf Is Lonely and Tough?

By Golfforbeginners
Tiger Woods sad In a recent CNN article, the caption below a photo of Tiger Woods at The Memorial Golf Tournament read, "Tiger Woods Hits New Low". Woods struggled with irons, driver and putter during round three of the Tournament, carded an 85 and called the sport "tough" and "lonely".
If golf was an easy game, Tiger, everyone would score in the 70's!
Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and Arnold Palmer have all carded several rounds in the 80's and, although they were down, they were not counted out - neither should Tiger Woods be thought of as being at the end of his career.
Then you have the critics who feel the need to play devil's advocate for their readers and viewers, such as Brandel Chamblee, who believes that tweaking his swing and changing swing coaches too many times has turned Tiger Woods from greatness to mediocrity.
"He’s traded his genius for the ideas of others, said Chamblee. "He’s changed his body in the gym for bulk. Everything that we see here is the result of what he’s done over the last four, five, six, seven, eight years."
We all know that golf is not easy nor is it longer considered by many to be a "game". The mental and physical image set long ago by players who smoked cigars and let bellies bulge from loud, un-matching apparel has been swapped by many younger players for hours in the gym and a conversion of golf from game into sport.
For the pros (and for many confident amateurs), this sport comes down to how hard they want to push and how focused their confidence is on the shots they want to make so yes, it could be considered "tough".
When it comes to the "loneliness" factor, if you are playing for personal improvement, golf is a lonely sport.
If you are playing for fun and recreation (cigars, beer hanging out wtih your buddies) then golf most certainly isn't a lonely sport - so it depends on how you want to approach the game!
As for Tiger Woods, his opinion and persona still greatly matter to golf. What he says and how he reacts either motivates or dissuades fans and new players who want and need inspiration.
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