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Do Teenage Girls Openly Seduce Grown Men?

Posted on the 05 February 2016 by Calvinthedog

You’re darn right they do.

Not only have I read enough stories about it on the Net (which rang very true to me), but I have seen a lot of it with my friends. A number of my friends were seduced by 15 and 16 year old girls. The men were usually around age 30.

On the Net, I have read stories of men who had sex with 13 year old girls. The stories rang very true to me in terms of details and I know that girls that age do this anyway. In the stories I read, the girls out and out openly seduced the men. The men were either stepfathers or mother’s boyfriends.

In one case, the girl and the man were sitting on the couch watching TV. At some point, the girl leaned her head back and rested it on the mother’s boyfriend’s lap. This went on for a bit and soon she was massaging his cock, unprovoked, through his pants. The man said he thought about it a bit, then just said the Hell with it and went ahead and had sex with her. He just lost control of himself.

In the other case, the stepfather was in bed in the morning. The girl opened the door and came in the room. He was awake in bed under the covers. The girl started laughing and jumped into bed, fully clothed, with the stepfather. Yes, young teenage girls do that sort of thing – actually they do it a lot! The stepfather thought what the Hell and let her jump into bed with him. The femiscum haven’t made that illegal yet I assume. All perfectly legal. Stepdaughter wants to hop in bed with you with her clothes on – no law against that.

Anyway she looked under the covers and the stepfather had a typical morning erection. She reached down and grabbed it and said, “What’s this?” He said something like, “That’s my cock,” and apparently she started playing with it. The stepfather thought a bit and figured, “Ah the Hell with it,” and let her continue. Then he figured that as long as tehy were this far along, he might as well step up the game. And so he did. “No you are supposed to suck on it like a popsicle,” he suggested helpfully. And thus she did, giggling. She was apparently pretty good at it too although she had never done it before. And when it came time for orgasm, she did as told, no problem.

There were no unpleasant aftereffects in either case.

I point this out to note that our discourse regarding sex with teenage girls is just insane. These girls are always pure innocent little snowflakes who are getting “child molested” by evil man with evil man-dicks practicing evil male sexuality. This falls into line with Feminazi theory that penises are evil, the male sex drive is inherently violent and evil, and consequently males (except those wonderful gay men the feminists love so much!) are evil. Bottom line is heterosexual men are evil.

But more importantly, we come to the problem of temptation. Yes teenage girls seduce men. They do so with such regularity that it’s not even unusual. Even more so, they try to seduce men and I assume that the men turn them down. I have had 12 and 13 year old girls openly proposition me before. That is they openly said they wanted to have sex with me and would I be interested in doing it with them. In both cases, I just laughed and said no.

The problem I assume is that a lot of men are just weak. If a teenage girl tries to seduce them, a lot of men will find themselves in a situation of overwhelming temptation. And you know what? Humans are weak? Wave a handful of hundred dollar bills in front of someone and watch all the crazy things they will do just to get their hands on that stash. Why? Because humans are weak. And vast numbers of humans are as weak when it comes to sex and money as cocaine addicts are when a line of coke is staring them in the face taunting them saying, “Neener neener. You caaaaan’t take me! You’re cured, remember. You can’t take me anymore. So I am going to sit right here on this mirror and laugh at you, taunt you and tease you and defy you to sniff me, just because torture is fun. Well I have known a lot of “ex” coke addicts (actually there is no such thing as an ex coke addict in my opinion). In general, if you shove a line of coke in front of them, no matter how long they have been sober, they lose it all right there, grab the straw and sniff up that line line a man dying of thirst in the desert discovering a water hole.

I think a lot of men who mess with these girls are basically good men. But men are weak, very weak. A teenage girl is right there in front of you, grabbing your penis of her own free will and smiling devillishly. Your frontal lobe is screaming, “Don’t do it! 10 years in prison!” and your limbic system is screaming, “Shut up! I’m going to do this anyway! The Hell with it!”

I actually think that a lot of men just cave in the face of temptations like that. We know that presented with overwhelming temptations, a lot of people simply cave, lose it and give in. Sure they feel bad afterwards, but so what. They still caved.

You think you’re strong, but you never know how strong you are. Go find some woman and ask them what happens when you throw a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of them. A shocking number of grown women will tell you that they lose control and just gobble up the whole plate on the spot. They simply cannot help themselves.

I am not here to tell men to be good boys and resist temptation. You’ve all been told that a million times already.

Instead, a more important lesson comes from religion itself. From religion we get the interesting notion that the best way to resist temptation is to not even get yourself into tempting situations in the first place! I am sure you can think of a lot of situations in life where you thought the temptations were so great that you wondered if you could resist.

What I would suggest is even better. When you see a situation like that, instead think,”Wow, that looks like a really tempting situation. I am going to run as far away form that situation as possible.”

In other words, simply do your best to avoid putting yourself into those insanely tempting situations in the first place. See that 16 year old knockout with the thin body and the curves made in Heaven. Sure you could go over and talk to her. She might even talk to you. They talk to me sometimes. Hell, sometimes they walk right up to me with a big smile, introduce themselves, and proudly shake my hand!

But why even go there. Why even put yourself in that tempting situation. Why not just bail on her altogether? Why voluntarily put yourself in potential harms way and test your sublimation and self-control abilities. Why not just try to avoid as many tempting situations as possible in the first place? Sure, you think you’re strong. Most of us do. But you might just be a Hell of a lot weaker than you think and knees buckle quite easily in humans.

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