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DM: Prince Harry, Like Most Royals, ‘cherishes a Terrific Sense of Entitlement’

Posted on the 23 June 2017 by Sumithardia

DM: Prince Harry, like most royals, ‘cherishes a terrific sense of entitlement’
DM: Prince Harry, like most royals, ‘cherishes a terrific sense of entitlement’

You know what surprises me? It’s been more than 24 hours since Prince Harry’s Newsweek interview came out online, and there’s not a lot of actual gossip from “royal courtiers” about it. If this had been William, Kate or Charles, I would imagine that the comments about “no one” wanting to be king or queen would have prompted days of analysis, discussion, and unnamed sources throwing themselves into the path of destruction. Then again, it would be really shocking if it was Charles, because he actually does want to be king. I guess Harry doesn’t think Charles “counts.”
As Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair noted yesterday, Harry’s comments have riled up the small-r republicans in Britain. As in, these are the people who want to phase out or outright abolish the monarchy and turn Britain into a republic. There is a lot of talk online about “reluctant royals” and the need for a “national debate” about abolishing the monarchy.
The Daily Mail columnist Max Hastings wrote a lengthy piece, one befitting the DM, although I’m shocked that Sebastian Shakespeare and the other DM royal-beat folks haven’t gotten involved. Maybe they’re waiting for a weekend deadline. Anyway, Hastings basically says that Harry needs to “stop whinging” and that many in the royal family “cherish a terrific sense of entitlement.” Also: “Being royal encourages princes to feel sorry for themselves, because nobody dares tell them to snap out of it.” That’s what I kept thinking too – does Harry seriously have no one in his life who can really tell him “STFU, you whiner. You have no idea what it’s like to be normal or ordinary.” Hastings also points out that the Queen – or some senior royal – should have that job, to tell the younger royals to STFU, but Hastings casually notes: “it might have been better if the Queen had more often cracked the whip over her family.” Oh, and this:
Prince Harry should have stayed in the Army instead of allowing exasperation with a commanding officer whom he took against to persuade him to quit. Everybody who knows him — as I do not — says he is a delightful, albeit not especially bright, young man, in danger of becoming spoilt by keeping bad or at least silly company and irregular hours.
The entire Royal Family needs a chief executive figure, to exercise a degree of discipline, especially over its younger members, which the Queen unsurprisingly no longer can, if she ever did. Such an appointment will never be made, because it is not in the nature of royals to accept orders, or even much advice, from mere commoners. When it is offered, it is usually rejected.
Somebody should be telling both young Princes that it is self-indulgent to grant interviews, as they did two months ago, describing their emotional tribulations following their mother’s death. Letting it all hang out emotionally is the fashion among their generation, but keeping their own mouths shut, as the Queen has always done, is the only way to keep alive the fragile mystique of monarchy.

[From The Daily Mail]
Did you know that about why Harry quit the Army? I did not. I thought it was because he was told that he couldn’t go on any additional missions. So he allegedly quit in a snit and now he’s just enjoying himself and having fun and whining about how his life is so terrible. Ugh. I always thought Harry was so different in that respect from his brother, but I guess not.

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Source: DM: Prince Harry, like most royals, ‘cherishes a terrific sense of entitlement’

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