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DJ CFabb: "This is My West Coast Intervention and I'm Getting on That Plane" - My Favorite Highway

By Sassarella Says @cnigara
Ever notice how "what the hell" is always the right answer? - Marilyn Monroe
Where do I even begin? Friday night I went out to dinner in Jersey City after seeing my sister's new place. It's gorgeous, it over looks the water and the New York City'd all be jealous. We went to Amelia's for dinner and after a Johnnie Walker Black I learned that the guys were going to Dark Horse in Morristown. I hate the Dark Horse but I figured, what the hell, just go! The evening was, for the most part, an epic success at a good time. Whenever I'm with this crew, it feels like a blast from the past but better. And besides, I was wearing incredibly bright blue pants. WOWZAAS.
Saturday, I spent a lot of the day trying to figure out a game plan for the rest of the weekend. Through my conversations with Lauren and a lovely little text from Tanya Bo Banya, we decided to go out to Sona, what the hell right? It was the BEST time. We danced for hours and made new friends. Lauren even danced with a midget man (is that kosher to say?) well irregardless, he didn't help his cause by humping her legs. He practically tried to get in her lap and at that moment I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.
Sunday, what the hell I'll say it, it sucked with the exception of Zumba.
However then we get to Monday aka Tiki Monday. Butthead Friend and I drove down to Martell's Tiki Bar to meet up with Hill Horo Babes and Lauren at 10:30AM. What the hell, what else do I have to do on a Monday? Tiki Monday owned us. Hillary actually went in the ocean (or as she would say, "the New Jersey shore"), Lauren packed 1/2 of her slice of pizza in her LV bag to save for later, and then there was that whole pickle incident. We were on the beach ordering drinks until 5pm, stopped in a real restaurant for food, and then ventured back to Tiki. We took shots with Angelina from the Jersey Shore, hung out with "Jay" and Chris, and drank more SoCo than one should ever drink in a half hour time period. There was a house party, a pool, Avicii, and cherry vodka. My savior picked me up from the house and took me back to Tiki until closing, what the hell why not? Ace, favorite juice head and gorilla king fed me pizza like a baby and ordered a few more Tiki Teas before finally surrendering. Hey Ace, Lauren and I are still laughing about, "take care of her, she has something on her nose!" (I got a tad sunburned but what the hell, it was worth it and thank God for you, Buddy).
I've had a genuine blast this past weekend (and week day) but today I leave for the west coast. Peace out, Dirtttty Jerz, I'll catch in a few! What the hell, why not jet set out to California for a bit? Ok, I will. The most recent DJ CFabb post was all about the Jersey music, however today's post is all about California. Yay, I can be a hipster! Enjoy the tunes.
"You're Making it Come Alive" by My Favorite Highway
"I Will Remain" by Matthew & the Atlas

"Believe Me" by Ellie Goulding

"In Love, Not Limbo" by Of Oceans

"She Loves Everybody" by Chester French

"Static Waves" by Andrew Belle

"Save the World Tonight (acoustic)" by Collin McLoughlin

"You Have My Attention" by Copeland

"Thistled Spring" by Horse Feathers

"Animal" (Miike Snow cover) by Javier Dunn

"Wide Eyes" by Local Natives
Sassarella Says...I spent almost two hours making a playlist for the plane. I'm a music junkie, what can I say? I also have no idea why these videos are soooooo large and in charge but I can't fix it, so deal with it. Katy Perry says California Gurlz are unforgettable....let's see how this Jersey girl manages. Peace outtie.

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