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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

Sitting by the side of her bed


So many years of their life

They didn’t talk and the bond undefined.

He still remembers the first time

They met and the smile was no formal but from the heart.

Few days, and weeks they were so close,

That no one could ever put them apart.

Still the memories of the fest pass by his eyes,

Pulling away the pen from her curl,

Flirting with her on the mic;

She also just couldn’t stop finding ways to stand by his side.

When this friendship became love,

Neither of them knew.

Locking their strands on the stage,

On the dim lights these moments were not few.

The first time when their fingers brushed,

Making the heartbeat go up thrust.

When she just hugged her to make her calm,

When he was so furious on the work undone.

Everything was yet so good,

When someone told her that you are just a rebound.

The hero still loves the heroine,

With whom he spent the 6 years profound.

Her dreams shattered so did his,

Each broken piece of mirror could scream the pain.

When he kneel down and explained,

But he was distrusted and everything was all in vein.

She was his senior and passed the school,

He was left alone missed and sighed.

No contacts and the words went unspoken,

They will never meet was the astro token.

Each his writing used to cut his own eyes,

When he cried from heart

And the blood came as tears,

Each moment spent recalled to him and pierce.

Finally, he got over to her;

And gave himself a chance.

And this day he gets a call,

She met an accident and any moment can be her fall.


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