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Discovering My Country: The 1001 Mysteries of Lebanon

By Nogarlicnoonions @nogarlicnoonion
Written by : Layal G. Rating: 89/100

Part of traveling is actually discovering your own country. Lately going out to the same places has become a bore. The sun is out and I thought why not try to dsicover a new place in Lebanon. I called TourLeb to help me uncover the 1001 mysteries of Lebanon.


Countless foreigners discover our country, why not us. I got to meet TourLeb who took me and my friends on a journey in every nook and cranny of your country. We discovered old ruins and temples, monuments and religious gems, humble and traditional houses, amazing landscapes and beautiful  locations, excellent local eateries and restaurants that will make you forsake every notion of diet you ever had.

We tried Accacia restaurant and resort in Chaqra, Nabatiyeh (o, it is not a dangerous a dangerous place, no matter what your friends tell you. Whether you are a food lover or not, this is a place where you will enjoy a good lunch with friends and family in a beautiful environment.


Located atop a smooth hill, not far from the Doubiye castle, Accacia is a huge restaurant divided into 5 different sections: a big indoor dining room, a 2-floor outdoor terrace, a small indoor oriental-style dining room, a terrace with about 7 tents that seat 8 people and an extra-private table in a small olive garden. There also is a playground for children. Decorated in a traditional way, the restaurant is surrounded by small wooden bungalows and water fountains and trees.

Now that I have described the place, I am sure you’re wondering if the food is good. We were 26 people – all with TourLeb and we all loved the food?


The very simple mezza (hommos, moutabbal, cheese rolls, samboussek, stuffed wine leaves, tabbouleh, fattouche) and the grilled meats that we ordered were gone in less than 40 minutes and the diverse sound effects of everybody left little doubt about the quality of the food that was served.



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