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DirecTV Subscribers Mourn the Loss of MTV, Comedy Central & More

Posted on the 17 July 2012 by Candornews @CandorNews

DirecTV subscribers mourn the loss of MTV, Comedy Central & More

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One of several networking television debates, the DirecTV vs. Viacom debacle is receiving a vast amount of media attention.

When the now infamous cable blackout began on July 10th, subscribed audiences and passive onlookers had no idea the blackout would still be in effect a week later. Now cited as “one of the largest cable blackouts in the industry’s history,” the dispute between DirecTV and Viacom is going strong, and neither side is ready to give in.

Due to a hefty financial disagreement between DirecTV and Viacom, nearly20 million DirecTV customers are now without standard entertainment channels such as MTV, Nick, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, Spike, TV Land, CMT, and LOGO, among others. (x)

While accusations are being made on both sides, one thing is clear: Viacom is asking for a collective $1 billion dollar increase in fees. Unless an agreement is reached regarding this 30 percent consumer increase, Viacom’s programming will not be restored to DirecTV subscribers. (x)

In a recent statement, Viacom had this to say: “We proposed a fair deal that amounted to an increase of only a couple pennies per day, per subscriber, and we remained willing to negotiate that deal right up to [July 10th’s blackout]… We are hopeful that DirecTV will work with us toward a resolution, and stop denying its subscribers access to the networks they watch most.” (x)

Derek Chang, DirecTV executive vice president of Content, Strategy and Development, released a similar statement, saying “We have absolutely no problem compensating Viacom fairly, but they have now knowingly put our customers in the unreasonable position of either accepting their extravagant financial demands or losing some of their favorite TV shows.” (x)

To offset the inconvenience caused to subscribers, DirecTV is open to negotiating customers’ monthly bills, as well as offering incentives such as eight free Encore channels. (x)

Viacom has displayed a more tumultuous viewpoint, originally maintaining standard programming online for free streaming, but later pulling the programming from their website.  Earlier today, Viacom reinstated access to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report online to all viewers. (x)

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