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Digital Caliper – Waterproof Stainless Steel Digital Caliper Measuring Tool With Large LCD Display 6″ Maximum Measurement 0.0005″/0.01mm Resolution Inch To Metric Conversion for Excellent Accuracy

By Irene Ross

Dijite Stainless Steel Waterproof Digital Caliper is a practical measuring tool with countless use. It has been a great helper for both professionals and home users and can be wildly used in many fields, such as metal working, mechanical engineering, machining, carpentry, and medicine. Therefore, a qualified waterproof digital caliper can give you a pleasant and reliable measuring experience.

The greatest advantage of Dijite stainless steel waterproof digital caliper over any other digital calipers in the market lies in its accuracy and high quality. Compared with similar digital calipers, especially the plastic ones, Dijite stainless steel waterproof digital caliper offers highly accurate measurements of inside, outside, step and depth, much time-saving and effortless. The bright LCD display, whose measuring range is 0-6 inch / 0-150mm and accuracy of + / – 0.01mm / 0.0005 inch, gives you clear and precise data. And the digital caliper has a strong frame with lockable head. It is constructed of highly qualified stainless steel, durable, anti-rust, waterproof, avoiding any factor that may affect the measurement accuracy.

In addition, the digital caliper will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of no operation and comes with a portable case for easy-carry and great storage. The design of 3 functional buttons enables you to start quick measuring job. With the on/off button, you can slide the caliper to anywhere and read values on the display; with the mm/in button for quickly change of measurement unit. The waterproof digital caliper can measure the length, width and depth at any point of the scale and instantly converts between inch/millimeter/fractions. And it can be “zero out” by zero button without having to subtract the first measurement from the second.

Therefore, take Dijite stainless steel waterproof digital caliper home and no measuring worries any more.MEASURE ACCURACY – Dijite Stainless Steel Waterproof Digital Caliper has a measuring range of 0-6 inch / 0-150mm with accuracy of + / – 0.01mm / 0.0005 inch. Unlike most inaccurate waterproof digital calipers, measuring jobs becomes more RELIABLE AND ACCURATE with Dijite Stainless Steel Waterproof Digital Caliper. The measurements is proved by numerous accuracy tests in order to meet your accuracy requirements. And the digital caliper allows you to set zero and measure at any point of scale.

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