Different Types of Locks

Posted on the 20 April 2020 by South Milwaukee Locksmith

Different Types of LocksWhen you’re going out to buy a new lock, you might not take the time to think about the type of lock you’ll buy. You’ll just buy the same one that is already on the door. However, if this same type of lock was compromised, you might want to take a little time to figure out what type of lock you’ll buy that won’t be as easy to compromise. Our locksmiths at South Milwaukee Locksmith in Milwaukee, WI install various types of locks. You name it we install it! When it comes to your safety and security, we have what you need. Your safety starts with the basics and this starts with the choice of locks you select. If you don’t choose the right locks, you could be jeopardizing your safety and that of your loved ones. You can find the right locks if you know what to look for.

If you know what you’re looking for prior to buying a new lock, it can be very helpful to you. You might be familiar with some of the names of some of the locks that are on the market but you might not know if they are of good quality or not. It can also be challenging determining which doors they should be installed on. There are some locks, which are interchangeable and can be used on different types of doors. If you have the right locks installed it could actually mean the difference between your being able to keep out intruders or not.

Here are some of the locks that are installed most often:

Deadbolt Locks

The best locks offered today are deadbolt locks. This lock is the best and most widely used and installed. It’s made of the best materials possible and this is why it is difficult to compromise this type of lock. If you don’t have deadbolt locks on your door, what are you waiting for? Don’t give burglars the invitation to break into your home. Deadbolt locks are not only durable but they are also affordable. With this in mind, you should give serious consideration if you want to protect your home and loved ones. They have a metal bolt that slides directly into the doorjamb. The latch is inside the keyhole and door. There are various types of locks to choose from, including deadbolt locks. There are also some deadbolt locks that you may not be familiar with that you can read about below.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts – This type of lock is generally installed on double doors. The bolt is attached the doorjamb bracket. It is very difficult for the door lock to be pulled apart. The lock screws inside the door make it difficult for the lock to be compromised.

Single Deadbolts – Deadbolt locks are installed more than any other lock due to its level of durability. A single deadbolt has a thumb turn on the inside with the keyhole on the outside. This locks design and material make it extremely difficult to break. Often, a burglar will not attempt to break a deadbolt due to the amount of pressure and time it takes to break it. They want the route of least resistance.

Double Deadbolts – If you decide that this is the right type of lock for you, you have likely given it some serious consideration. This is because it can become a problematic lock if you are not able to find both keys to unlock the lock. It has a cylinder on both sides but doesn’t have a thumb turn. Some choose this lock because of its quality and durability.

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