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Diet Pepsi May Cause Cancer – Consumer Watchdog Downgrades It from “Caution” to “Avoid”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Diet Pepsi May Cause Cancer – Consumer Watchdog Downgrades it from “Caution” to “Avoid”

Can Diet Pepsi cause cancer? Possibly. It contains the commonly used sweetener Sucralose. A new study shows that this sweetener causes leukemia and related blood cancers in mice, when they consume it long term. Nobody can know for sure if this means some people drinking Pepsi will end up with leukemia, but it's quite possible.

The findings caused the consumer watchdog CSPI (known for occasionally being very wrong) to downgrade Sucralose from "caution" to "avoid".

CSPI: CSPI Downgrades Sucralose from "Caution" to "Avoid"

Pepsi must be disappointed. It's just been 6 months since they changed ingredients from the artificial sweetener Aspartame to Sucralose, launching the " new diet Pepsi ", due to health concerns over Aspartame.

The problem with sweeteners

Other negative effects of artificial sweeteners include making it harder to lose weight, disturbing the gut flora and raising blood sugar.

Of course, diet sodas are still preferable to the sugar-bomb real thing - especially when it comes to weight and metabolic disease.

Massively better options include water, coffee or tea.


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