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Did A Federal Appeals Court Just Block The $5.2 Million Dollar Bankruptcy Auction Of 153,000 Domain Names?

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by Worldwide @thedomains

Last week, reported that the domain name portfolio owned by Jeff Baron had been sold for $5.2 Million dollars in a bankruptcy auction.

The portfolio consisted of 153,000 domain names.

According to a Facebook post under the account SaveJeffBaron tonight it looks like a federal appeals court may have stepped into stop the transfer of the domains subject to the sale.

This was posted by what appears to be Mr. Baron’s mother:

“”Good news finally at least for now, the 5th Circuit ct granted a stay indefinitely or until they rule on the rest of the case. ”

“At least my son had the first bit of good news in years. and years.”

“I hope Judge Jernigan is wondering if she did the right thing to go ahead with the auction.”

“I don’t think so.”…

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