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Dianabol – The Most Popular Bulking Drug, Does It Work?

By Leesteve19

We all see the effects of this steroid on the TV, down the gym or even in your local bar. That's right the guy with the huge arms chest and legs! Although not everyone with a buff body takes steroids, some will work hard and reap the rewards. But some take the worst steroid of its kind Dianabol!

Dianabol – The Most Popular Bulking Drug, Does It Work?

Dianabol is a bulking steroid that can be stacked with other anabolic steroids. You take it orally in pill form. If you're wanting to gain "hulk-like muscle" then you could abuse your internal organs and gain muscle by using Dianabol.

History Of Dianabol

First discovered back in 1955, Dianabol ( Metandienone) was discovered by a company called CIBA, it then became very popular in the bodybuilding world. But soon after it was banned in most countries because of the side effects it caused! But users still continue to abuse this drug today! Dianabol is the most widely used performance enhancement drug in the world!

How Does Dianabol Work

If you want to build quick muscle growth and increase your strength levels in a very short period of time then Dianabol provides these results. It gives the user superhuman strength, repairs ripped muscle fibers at a greater speed while providing your muscle mass with high amounts of proteins.

  • Repairs ripped muscle tissue
  • Increases strength, stamina, and energy
  • Increases your bodies rate of protein synthesis
  • Makes your muscles grow at a pace like never before!

This all seems great for the average bodybuilder wanting to beat their plateau (leveled out). Or beginners wanting to get ahead of the game and avoid all them long sessions down the gym. But, you will never get the same results because of the way Dianabol effects your body.

Does The Gains Out Weight The Risks?

Dianabol – The Most Popular Bulking Drug, Does It Work?

Your thinking great I'm going to get bulked in no time!

All you need to do is find a supplier and your gonna be ripped!

But, before you do you should know that Dianabol is classed as a class C dangerous drug and will land you with a criminal record! But that's not all, with gains come risks and in our opinion the risks out weight the gains. We know this first hand and have seen many users suffer from these dangerous side effects!

Risks Of Using Dianabol

Here are the side effects when using Dianabol, they will start to occur after the first few days of consuming this controlled drug!

  • Very oily skin, which causes severe acne all over your body
  • Hair will start to grow where there was none before
  • You will start to lose hair follicles on your head and you will go bold
  • Your body will start to store water (water retention)
  • Man boobs will become all too familiar
  • Your temper and attitude towards others will change
  • Your blood pressure will skyrocket
  • After all this, your liver will have put up with the most strain of all! Making it become toxic because it cannot work like it use to before you started abusing it by taking Dianabol!


Dianabol – The Most Popular Bulking Drug, Does It Work?

As you can see, the risks out weight the gains, you may be thinking: I will only take for a few weeks and avoid the worst of these side effects! But it won't, because your body will soon go back to its normal shape, even if you still lift every other day! You will have the itch and keep wanting to use this drug to receive the benefits of Dianabol. Then the real dangers will start and your bodies internal organs will start to carry the burden of this soul-destroying DANGEROUS drug will cause irreparable damage!

Who Creates Dianabol Pills?

Yes, who does? Because it is banned in most countries and even more illegal to create these drugs! Buying some pills from the guy down the gym or purchasing them on the web gives you no guarantees what is actually in these pills. Because you do not know who created, sold or shipped them to your country you cannot guarantee they do not contain even more toxic ingredients!


Dianabol is dangerous, it causes bad side effects that will last a lifetime! Yes, you get benefits but the negatives outweigh the positives by a mile. Don't be a cheat! Workout, eat the correct foods and put in the time down the gym. You will have a much more healthy bulk that will not damage your liver and ruin your health!

Alternative To Dianabol

Looking for an alternative to Dianabol? We have been using many bulking supplements that are safe and provide the user with muscle growth benefits. These are 110% safer than Dianabol! But obviously not as potent. They provide high levels of proteins, whey, and BCAAS and are used around the world. Take a look at our list of steroid alternatives below:

The 5 Ultimate Legal Steroids (Steroid Alternatives) That Work!

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