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DeVon Franklin And Wife Meagan Good Take Part In America’s Voices In Israel

By Firstladyb

DeVon Franklin and wife Meagan Good  are taking part in  America’s Voices In Israel to help dispel misconceptions about what the country is like.  For people who don’t travel much, it is difficult to get a good idea of what other cultures and countries are like. Since the only real exposure those individuals can get is through television, films, and social media, they are often left with only negative impressions of these places.
DeVon Franklin
Americas Voices In Israel
, enlists the help of celebrities, political figures, religious figures, and other diplomats to visit the country and document their stay on social media.

Here is how the program uses people of influence to help correct some misconceptions about what Israel is like:

“Using traditional and social media, they offer firsthand accounts of experiences in Israel, engaging large and ethnically diverse audiences. Their positive stories about Israel counter distortions and misrepresentations about the Jewish State, which often are reported in the media. Millions have read Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts from our influential guests, both during and after their visits to Israel.”

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