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Despite Israeli and GOP Efforts, Obama Succeeded Again! Karma is a Bitch, Bibi!

Posted on the 02 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
A little Diplomacy goes a long way. How tough a deal? Tough enough for  Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and Germany to all agree it's the best way to preserve peace! Apparently the International Community believes the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, cut a good deal!
How good? Good enough! Every good deal ever made is by using the power of the brain rather than the power of the brawn. It's taken 9 years for this to happen. The last 7, with continued obstruction by a hostile congress, and the continued obstruction from a supposed ally! More recently #47traitors and the 48th, John Boehner, publicly undermining events outside the United States with a Foreign Government, against its own government's efforts to secure an agreement!! Every obstacle known to man has been thrown at Obama...and he still succeeded! Karma is a bitch, Bibi!
What America has to remember and understand, and they mostly don't; These negotiations are not about Obama...they're about the security and welfare of Great Britain, China, Russia, France, and Germany besides the United States! What Diplomacy does, is give an opportunity for sensible and understanding men of knowledge to get together, have a give and take compromise...and come out with the best deal possible. A good deal where everyone leaves the table with a handshake, a smile, and with their heads held up high.
How good of a deal? only time will tell...but, you'll never know if you don't got to give Peace a chance!!
The Republican/Likud Party naturally believes it's a sham! No deal will ever be good enough unless it's a total surrender of Iran to Israel. Jeb Bush: "Flawed Agreement", Marco Rubio: "Very Troubling"...and how can we not have a Foreign Policy argument without that Foreign Policy Scholar, Rick "Oops" Perry, who just needed to put his 2 cent's worth: “Americans and our Allies are right to be wary of a Nuclear Deal with Iran that is riddled with concessions by the Obama Administration.”
Dear Mr. Perry, It 'was' our Allies with the exception of Israel, and even more because of the actions of Israel, who negotiated for this deal!! United States is just only one out of 7!
Concessions by Obama? Flawed Agreement? Very, very, very, very Troubling? Except a War against every Muslim on the face of this earth...that's not troubling! Hallelujah! it's time to die for Jesus!... and take every Muslim and every Heathen on this Earth with us! If Christianity can't rule this Earth, it's time for an Armageddon to take place and for the Military Industrial Complex to make a few bucks! A good expensive war is the Republicans' ultimate climax...they 'do' trend towards Gynephobia!
So now! the Republican Party actually knows more about what the World wants than the actual World? Of course, they do!'s the amazing Power of the Batshit!! They know more what the French want than the French, they now more than the Chinese, the Russians, the British, and even the Germans!! They know because Marco and Ted, and Jeb and Mr. Oops! say so! What better reason??
Iran nuclear deal framework announced -

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