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Designer Doormats – Nifty Way to Greet Your Guests and Family with Style and Color

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

Placing a doormat outside the entrance of a residence lets people know that someone lives there. Doormats have a social, practical, and decorative purpose too; they greet friends and family, they stop dirt and grime from affecting the flooring, and they look stylish. There are so many types and models to choose from that you can often feel overwhelmed. And although you will be tempted to pick the most appealing, you are advised to go for doormats with a functional purpose. These trap moisture, debris and dirt. They keep these harmful substances from entering a home thus making sure your family stays healthy too.

Designer doormats – nifty way to greet your guests and family with style and color

The right doormat can change a home's appeal to 180 degrees. There are different designs available, so it's natural for buyers get a little confused. When searching for doormats, buyers must first choose a material. It has to fit their house and it must exude functionality too. After that, shoppers must decide on a shape, size, and color.

Greeting friends in style

The entryway is the first thing people see before entering a home. If you want them to be impressed you have to make the right choices. An appealing doormat makes people feel welcomed. It's also an excellent way of shedding some light into a boring, gloomy hallway. Apart from being a solid line of defense against debris and harmful bacteria, doormats can have a great effect on a room's general décor too.

Indoor/outdoor mats

Before purchasing a doormat you should decide where to put it. If you're having it installed outside it is important to choose a mat manufactured from weather resistant materials. Woven sea-grass, teak, and waterproof coconut fiber are ideal choices. These are extremely durable and they do really well in busy outdoor areas. Mats that will be used outside should have a textured or abrasive surface. It's worth exploring mats with scraper surfaces too. These are designed to stop even the most obstinate mud.

Designer doormats – nifty way to greet your guests and family with style and color
Stylish doormats for the home

Now that you know a little bit about mats, it's time to focus on style. There are so many varieties out there that it can be overwhelming to just make one choice. Here are some great ideas that should serve as inspiration.

  • Personalized mats - doormats with funky messages are the best. These exude originality and they let guests know that you're a homeowner with a really developed sense of humor.
  • Designer doormats - these are most pretentious and should only be placed inside the home. They feature sophisticated designs and they come in a wealth of styles. Vintage-like doormats installed in the hallway will instantly make your place appear more ingenious and cool.
  • Cartoons and caricatures - another great category of doormats are those with cartoons and caricatures. They're so funny and interesting. If you're a pet lover and you have a dog or a cat, a "Stay Away, Bad Dog!" doormat will instantly put a smile on your guests' faces.
Designer doormats – nifty way to greet your guests and family with style and color
Buying doormats for harsh winter conditions

For friends and family to feel comfortable inside your home it is important to choose the right doormats. However it can be tough to make a choice in the winter. Mats placed outside have to be made of the most durable materials. An adequate anti fatigue matting system make scrapping mud and snow a lot easier. When hunting for the best materials you might want to focus on rubber mats with a thick bottom. Wiper mats made of nylon can also be a sensible choice.

After you've made a decision it is important to care for your doormat. Expand its lifespan by cleaning it periodically. Shake it daily to remove grime, dust and dirt, and you should consider vacuum every couple of days too.

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