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Desert Festival of Jaisalmer and Its Many Attractions!

By Dinesh Singh @travellerpath

Steeped in exuberance and magnificence, the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is an excellent opportunity to come closer to the mind blowing attractions of Jaisalmer’s desert. The sandstone city is host to an array of activities in the first few weeks of February—with parades of camels, fancily dressed locals, polo matches, camel races, turban tying competitions, contests for the most interesting facial hair and other wacky activities being an order of the day.

Desert Festival 2004

The Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is usually triggered off with a morning procession, which aptly exhibits the culture and lifestyle of those living in the desert. The participants walk all the way from Sonar Fort to the lush precincts of the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. This is followed by several dance and music performances, Mr. Desert Contest and a host of other interesting competitions.

The fun and fervour of the festival spill over into the events of the next day too. The focus shifts to Dedansar Stadium, where competitions linked to camel fur cutting, camel decorating and camel polo promise to keep you involved and busy for hours together. Come afternoon, and you would like to head back to the Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium where the camel tattoos of an enthralling event organised by the Border Security Force get a standing ovation –along with gymnastics showcased on camel backs and formation dancing performed by the camel band!

Desert Festival

Well, everything seems to be larger than life and exotic at the desert festival– celebrated with a lot of fun and excitement in the rugged terrains of the Thar Desert. The festival usually comes to close with a well conceived musical performance by local folk singers. The event takes places in the golden sandy stretches of Rajasthan and is certainly worth a visit.


Along with thousands of local and domestic tourists, foreign tourists are also attracted to the colourful and exquisite facets of Rajasthan –which are appropriately showcased through the various events of this event. Some of the most loved highlights include the turban tying and “moustache” competitions, the performances of fire and Gair dancers and a trip to the high Sam sand dunes—which is the venue of the Grand Finale. The setting of picturesque dunes under the silver rays of the moon are worth seeing and attract people from far and near alike.

Jaisalmer—The city

Located in the sprawling sandy precincts of the Great Thar is the striking city of Jaisalmer. This sandy oasis is famous for its castles and forts– the most visited being the sand stone Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar Quila. Known for its many havelis and intriguing lanes alike, the city of Jaisalmer has some interesting examples of architectural beauty and monuments that speak volumes of their historical significance!

So, are you ready to indulge your senses and vacation in the many delights of this beautiful city –and the venue of the great “Desert Festival”?

Location: Sam Sand Dunes located 42 km from Jaisalmer

Access: Camel safari or by SUV

Timing: 12th – 14th Feb, 2014.

Attractions: Cultural showcase

Where to Stay : Fortune Park Bella Casa

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