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Deri Should Be Minister of Social Welfare Or Minister of Economics and Trade

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
It seems Aryeh Deri is angling for a return to the Interior Ministry. He has said that he would demand that appointment to join a coalition.
Regardless of whether he gets it or not, as the outcome is really dependent on coalition negotiations and what else is allocated to the party, and also in combination with what other parties demand and get as well, I think Deri is making a mistake.
Deri campaigned on the issue of the shkufim - the transparent. The lower middle class and the lower class of the socioeconomic society, the people who work hard, can't make it to the end of the month, yet are overlooked by everybody.
I am not aware of how running the Ministry of Interior can directly help the shkufim. How can Aryeh Deri promise to work on behalf of the 2 million shkufim from the office of the Ministry of the Interior? Considering Aryeh Deri's promise and entire campaign, he should be demanded the Ministry of Social Welfare (Misrad Harevacha), or the Ministry of Economics, Commerce and Trade (Misrad Hacalcala vMischar). As Bennet showed when he worked in that office last term, that would be the perfect ministry from which Deri could work to fulfill his promises, working on minimum wage, improving conditions for the working class, developing programs to help with career advancement, etc.
If Deri does not demand such an appointment but actually demands the Ministry of the Interior, I think he should be offered it.
For Deri to demand the Ministry of Interior, and not the Revacha or Calcala offices, is basically a slap in the face to all the people who voted for him, considering his campaign.
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