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Department of Energy’s Online Tool Helps Consumers Save Energy

Posted on the 06 June 2012 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Department of Energy’s Online Tool Helps Consumers Save EnergyIf knowledge is power and access to it an equalizer, then the Department of Energy’s new online Utility Data Access Map tool, “an interactive Web platform that enables electric utilities across the country to show customers, in a simple way, the data they can access on their electricity use” may be the key to unlocking greater energy savings. The tool, which is available here, allows consumers to compare historical data to their personal consumption and find ways to reduce costs.

According to the press release, there is a lack of data that consumers can access to help them make informed decisions about efficiency. Additionally, there is not a way in which to share the information they do have with service providers to identify potential energy savings.

Based on the wiki, this platform facilitates sharing of information by utility companies. The map tool “highlights local access to electricity data and allows consumers to compare their electricity data access to others in their state and across the country.” The goal is to help consumers better understand their energy use, an esoteric topic. This showcases the Obama administration’s plan to improve residential energy efficiency.

Utilities were asked to submit their information earlier this month. They can continue to update their data through September. More than 500 utilities have taken part thus far.

Informing consumers is important, but there must be a way to educate them as well and provide the help and support to make more energy efficient choices.

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