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Denzel Washington Found A Quiet House Of Prayer While Filming Fences

By Firstladyb

Denzel Washington who stars in the Box Office hit, Fences movie with Viola Davis, revealed that while filming the movie a woman made her house a quiet time of prayer for the actor/director.

Denzel Washington
Fences is  based off the play by American playwright August Wilson, and Denzel revealed during a press conference call,  that “Fences” was filmed in the same Pittsburgh neighborhood where Wilson was from, and he became well acquainted with those living in the neighborhood who watched the filming from their homes.

Some residents cooked meals for the cast members and one man gave Washington a cup of coffee every morning. Others pulled out their lawn chairs and would just sit and watch the scenes while they were in production.

But it was a woman who made her house a quiet time for prayer for Denzel  that stuck out.

“A woman on the corner, she was watching me. She made her house a quiet place of prayer for me, and I’d go in there when things were getting overwhelming and just take a breath. Sometimes I’d just have a prayer with her,” Washington said.


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