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Dental Services for the Entire Family in Kolkata

By Shreoshe

Our teeth are one of the most ignored part of the body. Most of us do not care to go to the dentist and end up brushing our teeth twice and flossing it once in a day. It is a general perception, that one should only visit a dentist if he/she is suffering from any oral problem. But this is not true. LIke our body need food and water to survive, in the same way, our teeth needs care which only brushing or flossing cannot do. This is why, we should visit a dentist in every six months or so. Only a dentist can give us proper suggestion on how to take care of our teeth. Children commonly suffer from tooth decay because they frequently intake food which are high in sugar content like milk, fruit juices, chocolates etc. If it is left untreated, it may lead to pain and lead to other oral problems like gum infection. Here is a list of few best dental clinics in Kolkata where you must visit with your family each month.


1. Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Address: 23/16 , Gariahat Road, Ground Floor, Golpark, Kolkata – 700029,West Bengal , India.

Phone: +91 88 2000 7070

This  dental clinic is located at Gariahat and is one of the best dental and orosurgical day care center in Kolkata. It offers both regular and super speciality dental services in Kolkata. The regular dental care consists of dental extractions, Metal-free cosmetic dental fillings, Ultrasonic Oral Prophylaxis (Scaling and Polishing), removable partial dentures,complete dentures. It also has an array of specialized dental treatments like Anthrogyr and digital imaging mediated enodontic (root canal) treatments,Metal-free ceramic/metal-ceramic crowns and fixed bridges, safe and effective tooth whitening procedures with internationally approved dental bleaching materials,full-mouth cosmetic smile reconstruction (smile designing) with pure ceramic and composite veneers.Air-flow technology dental stain removal, disimpaction of wisdom tooth and other dental surgical procedures including fracture reduction under intra-venous short sedation anesthesia monitored by an anesthetist, myofunctional pre-orthodontic and habit breaking treatments, full range of Orthodontic treatments including cosmetic ceramic braces habit breaking appliances, periodontal gum surgeries and perio-aesthetic surgeries, full range of pedodontic dentistry including pedo-endodontics, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride therapies etc. under sedation if required. Minor dental surgical procedures including extractions for cardiac compromised patients with in-house cardiac monitoring in presence of cardiologist. It also has in-house diagnostic services like Fully digital Radiovisiography (RVG), in-house blood glucose monitoring.,implant surgeries & placements of implant supported fixed prosthesis & dentures.

2. Smile Care Dental Clinic

Address: GD – 149, Sector – III, Salt Lake CityKolkata – 700 106, Beside GD Market, West Bengal, Kolkata, India

Phone:+91 98360 86447 | +91 93394 37031 | +91 96740 13667 | +91 93315 99264

The clinic specializes in tooth alignment and jaw correction. Their work consists of treating dental problems such as teeth crowding, gaps between the teeth, overbites and open bites using corrective appliances like retainers or braces. The result is teeth and jaws that function well, with a perfect set of teeth.Orthodontists align teeth with braces by applying constant pressure in a desired direction, the treatment can continue for a year or two. There are several types of orthodontic braces available to consumers, including the traditional metal braces and clear braces.

3. Smile D’ Elite Dental clinic

Address: 151A, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, Lake Gardens, Kolkata, West Bengal 700045  Phone:033 2417 4994 The clinic is located in a popular area of South Kolkata and offers a variety of services at affordable cost. This dental clinic has best doctors. If you are looking for dentist for kids in Kolkata, you must definitely visit this clinic. They are known for specializing in handling tooth decay problems and gum problems in children. The clinic is well equipped and uses the latest technologies in dental treatment.

4. Mission Smile Dental Centre

Address: 38E, Garcha Road, Kolkata – 700 019

Phone: +91-33-2486 4395 / +91-98301 46933

The clinic uses the latest procedures for dental treatments, their experienced consultants will give you a stunning healthy smile and improved appearance, without the pain and fear usually associated with traditional dental and cosmetic treatment. So, whether you want to redesign your smile, whiten your teeth, improve your oral health, make a subtle cosmetic enhancement, or obtain general dental care for yourself or family, you’ve to visit Mission Smile Dental Centre. Their area of speciality includes orthodontics, prosthodontics, pedodontics, sperodontics, oral pathology and faciomaxillary surgeries.

5. Dental World Super Speciality centre

Address:204, A. J. C. Bose Road,Near Theatre Road Crossing,Kolkata – 700 017,West Bengal, INDIA

Phone : +9133 4000 1622 / 3299 8486

Dental World is owned and run by Kolkata’s renowned dentist, Dr. K.K. Butta who has practiced in Kolkata for 50 years. The clinic was inaugurated by Dr. R. Ahmed (Father of Dentistry in India) in the year 1960. Dr. Butta had traveled extensively and observed the lack of modern diagnostic and treatment facilities in India, especially Kolkata. To overcome this technical handicap Dr. Butta established Dental World. Their team of dental surgeons and specialist consultants ensure that you are given the best and up to date treatment at affordable cost. They have the most advanced Digital Equipment and Imaging Systems through which they take dentistry in Kolkata to a high level.

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