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Delroy Grant – Astrology Profile of the South East London “Night Stalker”

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Delroy Grant

Delroy Grant, was today given four life sentences for a 17 reign of terror preying on defenceless elderly women and men, most of them in their 70’s and 80’s. The depraved sex attacker who terrorised South East London, Kent and Surrey in the UK was one of the most notorious serial offenders of the past two decades and will most likely spent the rest of his life behind bars.

Grant was born on 3rd September 1952 in Jamaica (I have no birth-time but process of looking at a couple of significant known events in his life especially his move to the UK at age 15, I estimate he was born at 13.27 or very close to that time). He is a careful, precise Sun sign Virgo in the 9th house with a cool Capricorn Moon in the first and a Sagittarius ascendant. He has a full 9th house with Mars Mercury and Pluto joining the Sun there. With Delroy there was a big accent on faith and foreign shores, and true enough as I indicated earlier he moved to the UK to live permanently. Solar Arc Saturn would have progressed to conjunct his Ascendant at that point. He moved only with his father as his mother passed away at age 2, again Solar Arc Saturn would have exactly squared his Sun at age 2 and with the Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) in his first house. It indicated a difficult experience (Saturn) associated with his mother (Moon) that hit him personally (1st house). Back to that 9th house, we know that his father was deeply religious shown by the Saturn square Sun (serious about 9th house beliefs). Delroy took this instruction on and became a Jehovah's Witness – he actively followed his faith Mars conjunct Sun, was passionately devoted (Pluto in 9th) and needed to communicate this (Mercury in 9th).


Venus, Neptune and Jupiter sit in the 10th house of work and career. Again with Neptune and Jupiter here is another accent of faith and spirituality and Venus in Libra is sociable and would have made him kind and popular. Jupiter at the midheaven as well as Sagittarius on the ascendant indicate a need for travel and freedom in his work and so no surprise that he also worked as a minicab driver.

Reading all this, how on earth could this spiritual, kind man be such a monster? Well there one or two clues on the natal chart. He had a nasty, critical temper with Mars conjunct Mercury, I understand he was obsessive of cleanliness which fits this conjunction in Virgo and lost his temper if something was out of place, Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th house shows he had the potential for dishonesty and trickery over a dark side to his personality. Uranus hidden away in the 8th house of sex and the unknown shows that his life would be punctuated by sudden changes in his circumstances and his moods, it also shows a perverse attitude to sexuality, which could become cruel with a trine to Saturn also hidden in the 12th house of the unconscious and of institutions. He kept his urges and vile desires well behind the scenes in the dead of the night. This trine made a mini grand trine with Jupiter at the Midheaven – this formation indicated that Delroy would want to make a BIG impression with his life. It also indicated he could take these cruel sexual urges to excess.  Interesting that Saturn in this mini grand trine sitting in the 12th house representing prisons almost unerringly predicted his eventual fate.

DelroyGrant9th har

Still not enough in my mind to make Grant a sexual predator on such a grand and nasty scale. Looking deeper into the Harmonic charts we start to see a clearer picture. The 9th Harmonic shows the capacity for a person to show enjoyment and pleasure. Grant’s 9th harmonic chart is enlightening. Here we see the Sun and Moon together, a merging of the emotions and the personality at the point of a t-square with Pluto and Neptune in opposition completing it. Here is the enjoyment of the sexual act combined with an element of deception. Venus (representing women) is squared by Saturn and Mars, again a sign that he enjoyed being forceful and cruel to females. Neptune also trines Venus indicating that the nasty acts he perpetrated were against weak defenceless women. Finally there is a tight quindecile between Mars and Jupiter, he was obsessed about excessive force and also in attacking as many victims as possible. It is alleged that Grant made over 200 attacks in the 17 years that he cruised the South London streets. I hope he stays locked up for good.

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