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🚀Decentralized Community Investment Protocol| 💥Big Release Tonight 9PM CET 💎Profit Sharing “Hedge Fund” Running on BSC 🔐Audited, Doxxed, LP Locked 📱 dApp 📈 +$1M MC, 2500 Holders

Posted on the 27 September 2021 by Dubai City Company @iqdubaicity

🚀Decentralized Community Investment Protocol| 💥Big release tonight 9PM CET 💎Profit sharing “Hedge fund” running on BSC 🔐Audited, Doxxed, LP locked 📱 dApp 📈 +$1M MC, 2500 Holders

# 💰Decentralized Community investment Protocol 💰


DCIP is the BEP20 network’s first-of-a-kind token launched with an emphasis on fully decentralized investing.

Why waste your time and money on a token claiming to be the new DOGE, ELON or INU, when you can invest your time and money on DCIP – its what your portfolio needs.


📖 Whitepaper

📺 Explainer video

🔎 Audit [](
💻 dApp

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🔐LP LOCK ($240K 10 YEARS)


DCIP token holders benefit from passive income through the token’s real-world uses, unlike alternative token options – DCIP most certainly is not a meme token.

The first-ever Investment as a Service (IaaS) to be launched on the BEP20 network.

Embedded in the tokens smart contract is community-led investment decisions run by token holders through voting built-in to the DCIP platform.

Not only is DCIP the very first IaaS to be released featuring fully decentralized voting on investments, DCIP’s smart contract emphasizes the real world uses for the token as its investment horizons are not restricted to the BEP20 network.

With blockchain products constantly evolving, DCIP also constantly evolves in terms of opportunities, which are not restricted to a particular chain. The only restriction of the token is the redistribution of investment profits directly to token holders on the BEP20 network.

DCIP is motivated by an aspiration to redesign traditional investing means and displace hedge funds, investment bankers and alike from profiting in the process.

With DCIP’s horizons, investing power shall be returned to the people!

In short, the main features worth highlighting is the following:

1⃣ First IaaS offering fully decentralized investment fund on the BEP20 BSC Network.

🤵 Community voting for decentralized investment decisions.

📈 Investment rewards in the forms of BNB or BUSD, acting as a passive income for token holders.

🐳 Punishment taxes for sales within 24 hours of holding, as well as anti-whale measures to deter negative influence.

Can’t stand all the useless pump and dump schemes on the BSC network? Look no further!

DCIP is the first-ever fully decentralized investment fund on the BSC chain.

We are a hardworking dedicated team and we’re here to make DCIP the biggest company on the BSC network. We’re looking for real investors and not the when lambo kind of people!

The DCIP team is doxxed and our contract is fully audited

Our plan with DCIP is to fully disrupt the investment world as we know it today.

The investment possibilities are limited to the creativity of our token holders, the community will fully decide the day-to-day business. All business conducted by DCIP will be fully in hands of YOU! (As token holder)

The amount of tokens you hold determines your voting power and reward distribution. The more tokens you hold the bigger your power!

Want us to invest in whiskey? Why not. Real estate? You got it. Startup companies? Anything’s possible.

250 BNB is locked and loaded for our first investments, the rest of our investments will be funded by our taxation model.


***ℹ 10% Standard Tax***

>📍 3% Liquidity
>📍 1% Marketing Wallet
>📍 2% Community Investment Wallet
>📍 2% Burned
>📍 2% Redistributed to holders who hold longer than 24 hours

***ℹ 7% Punishment Tax***

Swaps within 24 hours:

>📍 4% Community investment wallet
>📍 1% Burned
>📍2% Redistributed to holders who hold longer than 24 hours

Devs are active almost 24/7, any questions will be replied ASAP.


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