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Decade Old Movie Memorabilia: Mean Girls Jewelry

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Contrary to the frequency with which you pepper your conversations with its quotes, Mean Girls came out 10 years ago. That’s right, Regina’s little sister gone wild looks like this now:

Nicole Crimi Kylie George Mean Girls

“Hey Kylie”

You feel old now? It’s cool, imagine shouting at a room full of college students you can’t go to Taco Bell right now and calling them stupid, only to get blank stares. Tear.

Mean Girls Taco Bell You're so stupid GIF

via E!

But rejoice, all Kevin G stans, because in honor of The Greatest Movie of Our Time, amazing jewelry company Stella and Bow has created an entire line of Mean Girls jewelry! Get in loser, we’re going shopping!

Presale items up now up for purchase under SHOP and Mean Girls - Presale.Making fetch happen on The Hollywood Reporter, Vogue UK, Nylon, Refinery 29, Lucky, Huff Po, Glamour, Fashionista, Ny Mag's The Cut, LA Times, Oyster, Buzzfeed, and m o r e!

RUN. Don’t walk.

So what’s on my pre-order list? I had to narrow it down, obviously, so I didn’t spend a small fortune on decade old movie memorabilia. But you bet your buns I would have hounded my Cool Mom for an allowance advance to buy everything as soon as I heard about it 10 years ago. (Just kidding, she was the opposite of Cool Mom).

Rose Gold Wednesday Mean girls jewelry


photo: On Wednesdays we wear pink!

It’s rose gold. It says Wednesday. You’ll never have to make sure you wear pink underpants on Humpday again (unless you want to). It’s $110 and you get one too so we can match.

Full of Secrets hair clip Mean Girls Jewelry


Mean Girls GIF

Who didn’t want Gretchen’s hair? And even if you’re short on secrets, ain’t nothin’ a little volumizing spray and this yellow gold engraved barrette can’t fix.

Cady- Boo Mean GIrls Jewelry Stella and Bow


Mean Girls Boo You Whore GIF

Really, it’s the universal response for bad news. And for less than $40 it’s easy for you to incorporate into your next arm party, and therefore daily conversation.

Cady- Duh Mean Girls Bracelet

Cady – Duh

mean girls quote i'm a mouse duh gif
Also forty bucks. Also an appropriate response to all of your college Halloween costumes, regardless of what you actually were.

Regina- Gold You can't sit with us bangle Stella and Bow


You Can't sit with us gif

Finally, the piece de resistance, the Regina bangle. Shiny yellow gold like her flaxen hair and every bit as mean as she was in all her glory. You tell her Gretchen!

Peace out for the weekend, and “Suck on *that*! AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI!”

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