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Deborah Ann Woll Discusses Season 6 and the Prophecy with TV Guide

Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

Deborah Ann Woll spoke with TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams about what’s been going on in Bon Temps during season 6 after last night’s episode Life Matters. She touched upon the issue of drinking Bill’s Lillith (Jessica Clark) and Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) mixed blood, how that may affect the other vampires who drank it to be saved from the sun, killing Andy’s (Chris Bauer) children, and the tainted Tru Blood that had been shipped out.

Picking up the thread from last year, Deborah says that the blood her character and the other vampires ingested is thought of as a drug so how everyone reacts to it is different which is something she likes. So we’ll get to see where that takes everyone hopefully in the next episode. But for now Deborah is happy Jessica is still alive. After reading what she did to the girls, she was sure Jessica was going to die because how could Andy and Jessica be on the same show after that?

“I was 90 percent sure that prophecy at the beginning just meant that I was going to bite it. They made me kill teenagers! They made me kill children. I was like, ‘Oh boy, I think that’s it.’ It was a pleasant surprise and exciting to see Bill get there and save all of our lives.”

But don’t think Jessica won’t have to face Andy because Deborah says that we will see them and that there is more story to tell. So that isn’t resolved. But an even bigger problem is the Hep-V tainted Tru Blood that is being shipped around:

 ”It’s definitely a problem. It’s going to cause a lot of paranoia.”

What did you think about the episode?

Source: TV Guide.com- “True Blood Postmortem: Deborah Ann Woll Speaks Out on the Prophecy”

Image Credit: HBO, Inc.


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