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Dear Classy Career Girl: How Do I Improve My Writing Skills?

Posted on the 12 October 2011 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Dear Classy Career Girl,

I want to improve my writing skills. I need your tips on how to blog, how to write essays instantly and anything else that would help me improve my writing skills. I hope you will answer my question.  Thanks again.

-Classy Career Girl Reader

Hi there!  Thanks for your question. Before I started blogging, I thought I was a terrible writer and I dreaded writing!  My college roommate would make fun of me because of how many times I would write a sentence and then hit the delete key.  It would take me days to write a one page paper that I was happy with.

Now I love expressing myself by writing this blog!  Writing is a process that helps you develop your ideas and it enables you to think logically.  If you want to start a blog, you can check out a recent post I did called A Young Professional’s Guide to Starting a Blog.  Here are a few more things that you can do to improve your writing skills:


I believe that all good readers are good writers. Spend some extra time reading books, magazines, newspapers, articles, etc. If you read daily, you will begin to understand how to construct sentences and paragraphs. Reading will also help you learn grammar and punctuation.  When I first took the GMAT (the entry test for business school), my English and writing skills were not great.  I decided to take a break from studying for the GMAT and joined a book club instead.  The accountability of the group made me read daily and the next time I took the GMAT my scores improved dramatically.  Check to see if there are any book clubs around you that you can join.  If you can’t find one, start one!

Know Your Topic

Before I start writing, I brainstorm topics that I am passionate about. You need to know what you want to share and then begin gathering information about it. Read other people’s ideas in books and articles and write down what you think. Make sure you organize all of your notes and resources into one spot on your computer or into a folder on your desk so that you can find it later.

Know Your Readers

One thing you should always consider is your readers.  Who will be your audience? After you figure out your topic, figure out who your readers will be.

Review Your Work

Read your work out loud after you are finished.  By doing this, you will hear problems that you might not be able to see such as emphasis, word choice and syntax.

Ask For Help

Never hesitate to ask for help by sharing your writing with your loved ones.  But, make sure you are able to accept criticism.  Hearing what other people think, whether positive or negative, will help you become a better writer.

Most importantly, be confident and inspired in everything you write. Write more, don’t stop. The more you write, the better you will be. Soon you will realize that your writing skills have improved just like mine did!

Have a question for Classy Career Girl?  Think Dear Abby with a modern career girl twist.  I return every email ([email protected]) and will post answers to your questions weekly.

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