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Day 2: Dining Room Chandelier Re-do

By Laharris1


Have you ever started a DIY project without any idea where you’re headed?

Welcome to my chandelier paint job.

When I first painted my dining room BM’s Kendall Charcoal, I envisioned a vintage crystal chandelier dangling inside the smoky gray walls. But the one I crated from Sacramento has a broken arm from the move, plus it’s really too small for the space.


(on my wish list)

So until I find the right replacement I’m stuck with the dark chandelier that came with the house.

And  I wasn’t in love with my options. At first I planned on painting it a creamy light taupe color with a white undercoat that would show through in the sanded spots.

But honestly, painting this chandelier took way more time than I planned and I stopped after a few coats of white chalky paint. And since this isn’t a keeper I’m ok with it.



As a side note, you can probably see from these pictures, I’m having a hard time adjusting my camera to the poor lighting in this room. There are so many new things to get used to in this new house, and one of them is the lack of natural light.


I only have one window in here. 





I ended up being pleased with this brand of paint I picked up at Home Depot.


It did leave a chalky finish that I liked, but you had to watch for clumps. And I did use a spray can of satin paint for the chain and ceiling plate.

  This is the moment when I toyed with sanding some of the finish off to highlight the dark undertones but I quickly decided against it. I’m still hoping to replace this soon.



I used white plastic garbage bags to tape it off.

The lazy girl’s guide to painting.


Almost finished…



(Honestly, I probably could’ve used a spray can and you wouldn’t know the difference).


Although I’m not sure I’d buy a white chandelier, I’m liking this color so much more with this paint color than the darker version.

now it’s on to my walls….

thanks for joining me on Day 2 of my little adventure!









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