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Day 15: West Register House and a Casual Bit of Editing

By Contemplatingtheclouds @contempclouds

As I got off the bus this (well, yesterday now) morning I noticed the sun glittering off the dome of West Register House. And so – in a fit of uncharacteristic promptness – I got today’s photo. West Register House has appeared on this blog quite a few times in the past, so you’re probably all a bit bored of it by now, but I pass through Charlotte Square (at the West End, where WRH is situated) quite a lot – multiple times every day now, actually – and the building’s character and imposing nature makes it one of my favourite buildings in the New Town. Given the slightly grey nature of the morning I’ve edited it a little bit, and as for the dodgy angle, well that’s just obligatory. West Register House, Edinburgh, buildings, photoshop, editing,


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