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DAX AND NATURAL HAIR | Not My Cup of Tea...

By Rockitnapptural @Rockitnapptural

DAX AND NATURAL HAIR |  Not My Cup of Tea...

I've noticed a lot of talk in the natural hair community about reverting back to using traditional hair grease, to be more specific DAX especially. Well folks, I'm no stranger to DAX and used it in my relaxed days and I've also used it in a few of my natural days and let's just's not my cup of tea (...)I am not against anyone that chooses to use grease or DAX in their own hair and I firmly believe that whatever works for you, then go for it. But... DAX is just one of those things that does not work for my hair and I'll give you a few reasons why:
1. Grease sits on my scalp collecting dirt: I remember when my mother use to sit me and my sisters down and grease our scalps. I loved how the grease felt on my scalp but after 2-3 days, if I had an itch and would scratch I would pull back a ton of gunk from under my nails. I stopped using grease years ago and switched to using oils in my hair way before I thought I would ever revert back to my natural roots.
2. Grease weighs my hair down: Again, after 2-3 days of using traditional grease, my hair would be so stringy and lifeless and after 3 days, my twists just didn't have that volume that I loved. So, I reverted back to my trusty poof puff until I could wash the gunk out of my hair. 
3. I don't care for the ingredients: I'm not an anti-mineral oil Nazi, there is mineral oil in some of my conditioners and I believe that mineral oil can be beneficial when attempting to seal moisture in the hair but quite a few mainstream greases contain low quality ingredients with mineral oil or petrolatums high at the top of the ingredient list and beneficial oils such as coconut oil (which actually penetrates the hair shaft) very low on the list. To me, that says there are very few true moisturizing qualities of the product.
4. Grease makes my hair feel yucky: Point blank, I just don't like how it feels on my hair, how my hair feels after a day or two or the whole concept of grease in my hair. Again, this may not be the case for everyone. My hair is has about a normal porosity and there are no tow heads that are alike so what does not (or does) work for me may not at all be the case for you. 
I recommend you experiment with your own hair and if you're on the fence about using grease in your hair, contact the company and see if they can send you a sample or check with your local beauty supply store to see if they have samples to give you. 
If any of you have been using grease or tried using grease in your natural hair, what was your experience? Are you yay or nay for grease/DAX?

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