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David Tyree Feels Beat Up On Due To His Views. Join The Club!

Posted on the 22 June 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright
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The liberal blogosphere and news sources have been sticking it to New York Giants player, David Tyree who has come out against same-sex marriage.

Tyree, known for playing a key role in one of the most epic plays of NFL history during Super Bowl XLII has been very outspoken about his dislike of same-sex marriage. The football player has even filmed a video with the National Organization for Marriage, where he stated that passing the same-sex marriage bill would lead to “anarchy.” He then followed it by admitting that he would trade his Super Bowl victory for a ban on gay marriage.

Now, I’m going to take an unfamiliar stance compared to others in the LGBT community. I won’t say I’m the only one that feels this way but I’m sure most are calling for Tyree’s head, you can’t help but forget that we do live in a country where we are allowed to have free speech.

Now, do I agree with Tyree – hell no, but I won’t start calling him names because he believes in something that I don’t. My only issue stemming from Tyree is that he is attempting to play the victim because he feels the public backlash is too much. Sorry, that doesn’t fly because the LGBT community has engaged in the struggle for equality for years – we have been called out on the carpet for our views and for wanting to love who we love without the heterosexual community weighing in.

Although, Tyree admits that he “sinned” during his time in the NFL by succumbing to sexual desires, what happened to the religious quote, “he without sin may cast the first stone?” I guess when it comes to bashing those he doesn’t agree with that thought goes out the window. If Tyree really wants to uphold the “sanctity” of marriage, he should work on addressing the state of single parents households in the black community or the amount of religious leaders bringing shame to their churches and marriages (hello, Bishop Eddie Long).

Enhanced by ZemantaVoicing your opinion is one thing, you are entitled to that but trying to impede progress because you aren’t comfortable with people living their lives with full benefits under the law is what I have an issue with. We want the rights and benefits because we are human beings, who we love shouldn’t be an issue, we want the same types of entitlements that heterosexual couples continuously squander and take for granted.

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