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David Cameron Likes Denmark's "Fat Food Tax" Beware Humans...

Posted on the 05 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
ah, great, just another in the long line of TAXES our governments continue to steal from us, from You The People.
Denmark's plan of TAXING FATTY FOODs (like milk, cheese and butter) that David Cameron seems to like has nothing to do with losing weight.
If you're fat, you're eating too much and not exercising enough -- PLAIN AND SIMPLE FACT.
So, screw your fucking slimy evil fat food tax - if I want to eat fat food, that's my choice - if I get fat, I shouldn't be allowed the benefits of NHS that healthy people deserve.
People should stop being so fucking stupid and just get a healthy movement regime. Move, for fuck's sake - walk from A to B a couple of times a week, takek up a sport. Get out of your cars, they're the real cancer on your life. Cities aren't your salvation, they're where all your fatty fast foods are waiting for you. Stop paying for the Corporate War Machine to trash everything that's good on this planet.
That's what you're PAYING FOR every time you agree to 'some new tax' or corporate stealing mechanism --- you're paying for FUTURE GLOBAL WARs for asset and profit and control of the workforce.
"Work Force," god you people are just destined to be slaves to commerce forever, I should quit this shit blog and just let you all get on with being gladiatorial lambs to the slaughter in the name of NEW WORLD ORDER.
Get off your fat asses, and start to eat what's good for you -- and that includes FATs.

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