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Daniel Day Lewis – The Most Successful Award Winning Actor in Cinematic History.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

daniel day lewis

Covered in Los Angeles rain after picking up his record breaking 3rd “Best Actor” award at the Oscars, I don’t suppose that Daniel Day Lewis minded one jot being wet through. Last evening, he surpassed such greats as Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman and Gary Cooper as the first male actor to scoop 3 Best Actor awards. Just to set the records straight, Katherine Hepburn picked up 3 Best Actress awards in her career. Daniel is a fellow Londoner with duel Irish citizenship (due to his father), and over here in the UK and in Ireland no doubt, we are justifiably proud that one of our own has set this new benchmark.

DanielDayLewis natal

Daniel is a Taurus, born on 29th April 1957 in London (no birth time known). He has his Moon either in Taurus or Aries. If he was born before 07.17 hrs then it would be in fiery Aries, and I think this is quite possible as a birth time around 06.20am would fit very nicely on his chart. I have put the above chart at 12:00 noon as is standard practice in the occasion of no known time.

His chart is notable for a few things. He has 4-5 planets in earth signs, so this is in essence a very hands on and practical man, earth sign planets show someone who is sensual in nature, and with most of these in Taurus this would very much be the case with Daniel. He has 6-7 in fixed signs too, so here is great determination and someone who can see a project through to completion. I would imagine he is very stubborn in nature, although this would have been seen to more effect earlier in his life. As one gets older and wiser, those rough edges tend to wear off a bit, and you become more mellow and tolerant.

His Sun sits in a stellium of inner planets, with Sun Mercury Venus and possibly the Moon all in conjunction. Taureans know that through constant hard work and persistence, their efforts will be eventually rewarded and this combination of planets shows someone who appreciates beauty and design, has a creative edge and an introspective mind (Mercury retrograde). I am guessing that he also has his Moon in Aries breathing fire into his belly and ambition into his heart. Too much Taurus can get bogged down a bit plodding along, and I feel a bit of an Arian edge in his emotions if he need so to call upon them. This stellium is made into a giant t-square by Neptune and Uranus at the point of the formation.

Your can see the links here quite clearly. Neptune the planet ruling film, artistry and imagination feeds into Sun Venus Mercury and the Moon, so he have a wonderful avenue for the imagination and instincts to run riot. Here he can create (Taurus is the sign of the making things) characters and look into their motivations and express them on the silver screen. Uranus squares this opposition bringing talent and a unique perspective to his creations. It also brings a detached view. Uranus square the Sun and possibly the Moon shows someone who is fiercely independent and possibly quite temperamental, especially if his Moon is in Aries. This may account for his wild antics when he was young a time when his parents found him impossible to control. Set a fixed Taurean type off on any type of behavior and they are notoriously hard to stop. Apparently he was brought up in a rough part of London and he was a bit of a tearaway when younger. I understand that it was his appearance as a teenage vandal in Sunday Bloody Sunday, a role which was representative of his actions in his younger years, that set the ball rolling in his acting career. Moving back to that opposition for a second, Neptune opposing his Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus square to brilliant Uranus beautifully describes his father Cecil, a poet who rose to the position of Poet Laureate in the UK.

Mars the planet of action sits in busy and tricky Gemini, so Daniel is someone who is always on the go, wanting to keep up on any information, and I would imagine he would find it difficult to relax. It makes a lovely trine to Neptune in Scorpio making him very inventive in being able to delve beneath the surface to find easy solutions to the day to day problems that he faces. This aspect contributes considerable artistic flair and a bit of charisma to his character as well. This Mars Neptune trine focuses in on Pluto in Leo which brings depth, intensity and supreme passion which he will be able to summon on at will.

Mars forms a square to Jupiter in Virgo, bringing great ambition and a will to be widely successful. Jupiter in Virgo is a wonderful position for an actor as one can see the overall picture however the Virgo element can zoom in on the smallest important details too, being able to assess and analyze exactly what is needed in any role. Jupiter in Virgo neutralizes any other excesses on a chart, not that there are too many here anyway, bringing a modest air. The success of one’s work and deeds far outweighs any personal feelings of grandeur inside.

Finally, Saturn in Sagittarius sits peregrine and alone on this chart, unconnected to any other planet by a major aspect. If you wonder why Daniel is such a serious person and actor, someone who doesn’t go in for frivolous or throw away roles, here is the reason. Saturn in this sign is rather fixed in one’s beliefs and principles, not wanting to rock the boat and and needing to know that one is totally correct in all that you stand for,and sometimes rejecting other possibly valid points of view out of hand. This Saturn dominates his chart and brings a serious hard nosed and rather cold side to him. It also makes him very aware that success does not come without putting the hard work in first. Sitting in Sagittarius combined with Mercury retrograde, it tends to suggest to me that he has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

DanielDayLewis transits

You know I have noticed that Taureans when they get to the top of their profession have a wonderful knack of keeping at the top longer than most other signs, they tend to get continued lasting success. This is certainly the case with Daniel as yesterday he won his 3rd Oscar in a career run of awards going back to 1989 when he won his first one for the character Christy Brown in the Jim Sheridan film “My Left Foot”.

This Oscar was awarded as his lucky North Node was conjunct his natal North Node (0:14 degrees), a fateful day  and successful day indeed for him. Transiting Saturn the planet of achievement was opposing his natal Sun and Venus and transiting Pluto was making a trine to both these planets, bringing power, kudos and prestige. Transiting Venus made trines to his natal Mars and Neptune competing a virtual grand trine on his chart, bringing popularity and contentment. Transiting Neptune was trine his natal Neptune, a beautiful easy going and dreamy aspect bringing dreams to life. It was also making an inconjunct to natal Uranus almost exact at an orb of (0:03 degrees). This is a separating aspect and in his case it was separating Daniel from all the myriad of actors who had gone before him; as the one with the most “Best Actor at the Oscars” wins to his name.


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