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Dangers of Simple Carbohydrates For Pre Diabetics

By Beliteweight @BeLiteWeight

Dangers of Simple Carbohydrates For Pre Diabetics If you are diabetic, pre diabetic, or even just concerned about your body composition, simple carbohydrates can be very dangerous for your blood sugar and body fat storages. This is because "Simple Carbs" are made up of only one or two sugar molecules making them very easy for the body to break down in to your bloodstream. These simple carbs are found in processed foods such as bread, pasta, white flour, soda, & sweets, but and also in fruits and vegetables as well. Dangers of Simple Carbohydrates For Pre Diabetics

The rate at which sources of simple carbs affect your blood sugar is measured by a system known as the glycemic index (GI). This number is multiplied by the serving quantity for a measurement known as the foods glycemic load(GL). Foods with either high GI's or GL are known to spike blood sugar levels and should be avoided by diabetics, pre-diabetics, and probably everyone else too. It is also best to eat a variety and not be excessive with one food or source of carbohydrates.

Sweetened Cranberry Juice - 68 / 24

Instant Sweetened Oatmeal - 83 / 30

Baked Russet Potato - 111 / 33

Dangers of Simple Carbohydrates For Pre Diabetics
Low Glycemic Alternatives

100% Whole Grain Bread - 51 / 7 * Be sure to read the label even bread marked as wheat often contains white flour.

Unsweetened Orange Juice - 50 / 4

Unsweetened Oatmeal - 55 / 13

Dangers of Simple Carbohydrates For Pre Diabetics
Glycemic Index, Load, & Weight Loss Surgery

Foods with high rates of absorption quickly pass through the bodies digestive systems and are stored as fat for future energy. Therefore, it is of no surprise that those with high Glycemic Indec (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) diets have been found to be at much higher risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Fortunately, there are many dietary studies that have found low Glycemic Indec (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) diets provide substantial weight loss and glycemic control benefits. Patients of bariatric surgery tend to feel full without the need of excessive carbohydrates which can be a remarkable tool from those suffering from terrible simple carbohydrate food cravings. It may be hard to stay away from processed foods with simple sugars, but your body will thank you for it!

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