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Dali Exhibition So in a Bid to Get Inspired and to See Some Of...

By Lauramoodley

Dali Exhibition

So in a bid to get inspired and to see some of the most precious paintings in the world, I went to the Dali Exhibition at the Centre George Pompidou, Paris - which finishes on Sunday.

Waiting for an hour and a half, I wasnt sure what to expect, but it sure wasnt the HUGE salon that greeted us on entering!

I have never been a real fan of Dali or of surrealism, but I once saw one of his paintings in the flesh and it was aw-inspiring! The way the light is painted, each image seems to be spot lit from above, but there are no such spotlights! A Dali painting can pull you in from the opposite end of the gallery and keep you there, mesmerized as you discover each little hidden image & secret which lies within the dept of each individual painting. 

There were often plurals of famous paintings, showing the original sketch and various color schemes…A wonder that someone can do this back in a day without photoshop or digital printing. 

Sadly the exhibition is almost over, but it was a pleasure to see. If you happen to be in Paris this week end, The Gallery is planning to remain open 24/24 to allow last minute visitors to get a peak at one of the true masters - an artist who I will never truly love but can appreciate as a one of a kind & a magician with a paint brush!

xoxo LLM

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