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Daegu International Airport to Gyeongju

By Mustachio @mustachio2011
Did you know there is a direct flight from Cebu to Daegu via T'way Air? I discovered it while I was searching for flights from Jeju to Daegu, which I saw was the nearest airport to Gyeongju, the city I was planning to visit after my five days in Jeju Island. I can't tell you what to see and do in Daegu as I was only passing through.
How did I get from Daegu International Airport to Gyeongju? From the airport, I had to go to the Daegu Complex Transit Center to take a bus to Gyeongju. Daegu Complex Transit Center is where one can take a bus to other provinces in the country. The Transit Center is also connected to Dong Daegu Station where one can take the KTX (Korea's high speed train) to Seoul, Busan, and others, or take the subway to other points in Daegu City.
From Daegu International Airport, go to 대구국제공항건너 Daegu International Airport bus stop across Gonhang-ro and take either bus 101 or 401 to 동대구역지하도1 Dongdaegu Station Underpass 1 bus stop. The fare is 1250 won, payable in cash or transportation card (such as T-money).
Across 동대구역지하도1 Dongdaegu Station Underpass 1 bus stop is Dong Daegu Station. Go through Dong Daegu Station. Across the opposite gate of the station is Daegu Complex Transit Center. Bus tickets can be bought at the third floor. The bus departure bays are on the third and fourth floors. Buses for Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungcheong, and Jeolla are on the third floor. Buses for Gyeongsang are on the fourth floor. The Transit Center also has convenience stores, restaurants, Shinsegae Department Store, and Alive Aquarium Daegu.
I bought a bus ticket to Gyeongju for 4900 won. The bus ride would take 50 minutes.
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