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Customer Service Tips for Better Business

Posted on the 19 February 2014 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

Customer Service Tips for Better Business

Posted 19 February 2014 10:58 AM by Regan Billie

As social communities grow in popularity, many customers turn to online reviews before making a decision between a business and its competitors. High quality customer service is becoming more important than ever as companies are put under public scrutiny for any sort of negative customer experience. Moreover, both returning and new customers have high expectations for every business. For a company to grow and be successful, a happy and satisfied customer base is an obvious necessity. Improving customer service should be a priority. When your customers are satisfied, word of mouth grows and you can attract even more clients. So what can your business do to make sure that most customer experiences are positive? Here are a few customer service tips:

  • Hire employees with positive and flexible attitudes. If employees are negative in nature, this is a good indication that they could give off "negative vibes" to customers and detract from your business.
  • Train your employees to deal with customers in a solution-driven manner. Teach them how to find out what the customer wants and how to then provide a desirable solution to any issue the customer is experiencing.
  • Provide your employees tools to best deal with any customer complaint. If your business provides delivery or transportation services, use a vehicle tracking solution so that your employees can deliver an accurate ETA.
  • Manage your online reputation. Engage in social listening, so when there are Tweets or Yelp reviews about your business, you can be the first to respond. There is a good chance that your competition is listening and ready to take your place if you aren't there to see the conversation in the first place.
  • Offer several channels of communication for your customers. When they have a question, must they call your business? Some people prefer other mediums to research or purchase a product or service. Provide an email address for customers to send enquiries to. Consider improving customer service by implementing a live chat service on your website for real-time customer support.
  • Record and use customer feedback to constantly improve your business, product, service, and customer support. Customer feedback is important for company improvement and future growth.

Does your business have any sure-fire ways to keep customer experiences positive? Share your customer service tips in the comments below. Get a demo and learn how Fleetmatics can help improve your customers service.

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