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Crime Levels and Types in an Hispanic Neighborhood

Posted on the 04 May 2016 by Calvinthedog

William Playfair Web writes:

Robert- I’ve been arguing with EPGAH about Mexicans/Latin Americans/Mestizos and Crime (relating to impulse control, which theoretically they should have more of, as lower-testosterone Mongoloids), but perhaps I’ve just known select mestizos (I live on these east coast), because of the ones I know, I’d bet there average IQ is higher than that of Non-Hispanic Whites.

Honduras is a bloodbath, but it’s more the organized crime type, not the low-impulse control type, you live in a predominately Mexican-American neighborhood, right? What do you see more of?

Central America has street gangs that have more or less taken over whole areas and cities as I understand it. It is street gang crime.

My Hispanic town is fairly safe. I have been ripped off a few times, but mostly by letting admittedly dubious folks into my place. They stole from me when my back was turned. I should not have been hanging out with them anyway. These were gang types or gang wannabees.

The crime around here for the most part is comical in that it is mostly petty ripoff. It’s sort of humorous and leads to a lot of statements to the effect that Mexicans steal little stuff. Well, they do. Mexicans are petty thieves. I would actually respect them more if they stole big stuff. There are some break-ins, but I do not own a business, so I do not worry about it. My mechanic told me that when the town went Hispanic, the break-ins of businesses in the area exploded.

I had some stuff stolen out of my car, so now I lock the doors at all times. You have to lock your car doors in a Hispanic neighborhood. I also got all my hubcaps stolen. This is also legendary, as many people will simply chuckle and say, “Well, Mexicans steal hubcaps.” And they do. Mexicans steal your hubcaps. Once again, petty crime.

You also have to be on the lookout for lousy females, often good-looking, both Hispanic and Black, who act seductive towards you to get to buy them some booze or get some money from you and then take off. I had a woman steal from me on a date. She asked for money to go to the store to buy booze. I gave her the money and never saw her again.

Later I heard that she is going around doing this to lots of guys – petty ripoff. She is hot, and she dangles the sex, grabs the money and runs. It’s the old con, one women have been doing forever. Most women really look down on women who do that though. I know that Alpha thinks that is gutter behavior and as low as a woman gets. I almost think she hates them more than I do.

There is a Black woman around here who always asks to borrow money and never pays back. She also wants favors all the time, claims she will pay for them, and then never pays. I quit loaning her money doing favors for her too. I am a pushover, so this was a bit hard for me, but around here, you have scammers like that, and you just have to put your foot down with some people. Word gets around, and even the Black woman next door does not like this woman. The Blacks who do this stuff are all rather “ghetto.” Really, the Blacks around here are a much lesser presence than the Mexicans (4% vs. 67% of the population), but they commit an amount of crime way in excess to their numbers.

There is some street gang activity, but as long as you stay out of it and don’t antagonize the gangsters and wannabes, you will be fine. There was a homicide not 1/4 mile away from me in November, but it was some teenage male who shot and killed another teenage male in the park at 3 PM. It was gang-related, and that park is a bit sleazy anyway, and I avoid it.

I used to go walking late at night from 10 PM-3 AM, but nothing ever happened to me. People said I was crazy, but there was no one out that late.

The gangsters do “roll paisas.” The illegals keep all their money as cash, as they cannot open a bank account. They also drink a lot. So you have illegals staggering home in alleys at 3 AM. Well, the gangsters “roll them,” knock them over and then rifle their pockets to get money. They might get ~$350 if they are lucky. If you are not a drunk Mexican staggering around  in the middle of the night with pockets full of cash, there is nothing to worry about.

There is gang crime, and there are gang neighborhoods, but I have driven by them late and night and nothing happened. And there were dubious-looking people outside up and down the street. They all turned to look at me, and it was a bit scary, but nothing happened. Later someone told me, “They looked at you and saw you were just some White dude. They might say, ‘What’s that crazy White dude doing driving here late at nigh?’. But you are not in the gangs, so you are not involved in their beefs, so they don’t care about you. You are sort of a neutral 3rd party in a gang war, and they will just leave you alone.”

All in all, I am shocked at how little crime there is in my city. It is a poor city, and I live in a barrio with a bunch of poor people (though it does not look very run-down), and really there is shockingly little crime. A lot of these people look pretty dubious, but they don’t seem to commit a lot of crime for whatever reason.

Hispanic cities and towns are often relatively safe, but I would never live in a Black city. I have heard too many bad things and experienced some bad stuff too. Black neighborhoods are flat out dangerous. Hispanic neighborhoods are rather dubious, but they are not really dangerous. I have not had anything violent happen to me around here, and I have been here 8 years. Plus even a lot of poor to very poor Hispanics seriously hate criminals like you would not believe. Sure, there is an elevated crime rate, but it’s not as if society condones it.

I can actually live with Mexicans. It’s not ideal obviously, but it is certainly tolerable. It’s really no big deal, and a lot of the Mexicans are very good people. Some even have good jobs, dress nicely and are smarter than you would think. While I can live with Mexicans, and it’s no biggie, I cannot live with Blacks. That to me is just unlivable.

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