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Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed Analysis

By Leesteve19

Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed Analysis

Heard of Crazy Bulk and want to know more about this popular brand of supplements? Crazy Bulk targets both male and females who want to lose weight, build muscle & improving stamina. Because Crazy Bulk is only available on the web it can create some confusion among users. This Crazy Bulk review will be evaluating the series of products they provide and how they work.

We are going to help you discover the right supplement that will provide the most benefits to your body type and requirements. Our review will provide you with all the latest information from ingredients, to side effects and which product you should use for the best outcome!

So Who Are Crazy Bulk?

Created back in 2013, Crazy Bulk have been supplying steroid alternatives, testosterone boosters and fat burners to the general public around the world. Their products are natural, generally safe and provide benefits for both male and female users. Because they are only available to order from the internet they provide a 30-day money back guarantee and trackable shipping on all orders.

The Products

Supplying a wide array of individual products and hand selected stacks to complement any cycle. If you are looking to improve testosterone production then they have a great product called Testo-Max which competes extremely well against other leading brands. Here is their full list of supplements and what they target.

Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed AnalysisTesto-Max for better testosterone levels. Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed AnalysisReduces muscle recovery when undertaking a bulking cycle. Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed AnalysisOur favorite fat burner, used for general weight loss and cutting cycles. Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed AnalysisD-Bal is an excellent bulker, especially for first-time users to gain much more weight and muscle mass. Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed AnalysisReduces muscle loss when cutting and bulking.

Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed Analysis

Crazy Bulk Review – Real Feedback, Ingredients & Detailed Analysis

  1. Testo – Max – Targets low testosterone by improving general production
  2. D-Bal – Great for first-time bulkers
  3. Clenbutrol – Fat Burners for both male and female users
  4. Trenorol – Improves strength and targets seasoned bulking cycles
  5. HGH X2 – Improves recovery while burning only fat stores
  6. Anvarol – Boosts energy and helps retain muscle when cutting
  7. Winsol – Improves stamina and helps define after bulking
  8. Anadrole – Reduces recovery while helping muscle growth when bulking
  9. Gynectrol – Improves your chest and reduces man-boobs
  10. Decaduro – Recovery, strength, and stamina for all levels
  11. NO2 Max – Pre- workout targeting stamina, focus and energy
  12. PCT – Post Cycle – Detoxes your body after bulking and cutting cycles


Stacking is generally for users who are more seasoned but can be used by beginners for massive bulk and muscle growth. Because stacks consist of 4/5/6 individual supplements from the list above they can become quite pricey. What crazy Bulk have done to soften the blow is to continuously run a 3 for 2 offer, which brings the price down considerably. If you want to know more about their hand-selected stack then visit the official website and choose one that suits your needs!


To get a better understanding of the potency and effectiveness of the Crazy Bulk supplements we have listed some of the ingredients they have incorporated into the formulas. This also gives us a much better understanding of the effectiveness of these supplements because we can then compare these ingredients to scientific research and blind tests carried out through independent researchers!

Here are some of the common ingredients we have researched and found actual research for:

  1. D-Aspartic Acid
  2. Pinax Gingsing
  3. A wide variety of vitamins
  4. Amino-Acids
  5. Fenugreek
  6. Garcinia Cambogia
  7. Guarana
  8. Citrus aurantium
  9. Tribulus Terrestris
  10. Whey protein
  11. Wild yam root
  12. HGH

This is just a small selection of the ingredients we found included in the many Crazy Bulk formulas. All proven to add benefits to their bodybuilding, weight management, fat burning and t-booster supplements. Most have conclusive evidence to suggest potency and effectiveness. Although there are some which have inconclusive evidence suggesting more research is needed for a definitive answer on their properties.

Side Effects

Yes, we have all heard the horror stories of nasty side effects associated with this type of supplement. Although natural! some side effects are present and revealed in a number of independent reviews associated with the use of the Crazy Bulk brand. The side effects we received while using this range of products are not severe or long-lasting. Side effects felt are:

  • Initial stomach aches
  • Light headaches
  • Constipation

Because you are changing the way your body works through consuming these potent ingredients, side effects are expected. Most users reported that they subsided after a few days, while some users had to stop altogether because they were already taking prescribed medication. Which brings us to the point of never taking these products if you have already been prescribed any form of medication. It is always best to get a second option, so you should start with your own doctor for advice if this is the case!


If you decide to purchase any of the Crazy Bulk brands then we would highly recommend you to purchase from their official store. This is because some of our readers have purchased from eBay and then found out that the products were not genuine and had no effect on their workouts or weight loss goals. You can only buy real Crazy Bulk products from their official store, do not buy from buy & sell sites because you are not guaranteed to receive the high-quality mixtures used in the brand.

User reviews

Here are some randomly selected reviews that have been sent to us and found on other independent forums, blogs, and social media:

Crazy gainz from their ultimate stack, first time reviewer long time reader. Well happy with my new body and shape I have accomplished using this stack. Side effects were a bit worrying at first because I had constipation. Although this passed after afew days of use! Dave, location Kent, UK.

I tried the Crazy Bulk Testo-Max agent and found it to be a much better alternative to others brands used in the past. Im 45 and wanted to improve energy and stamina for many reasons. After a few weeks of use I can happily say that it worked. I believe I was suffering from low testosterone levels because I felt sluggish even after a long night sleep. Although this was not confirmed through a test I felt younger, healthier and stronger. Ian, Australia, Sidney.

The Conclusion

Our conclusion of the Crazy Bulk range of supplements is positive. We know them to provide premium ingredients and offer many benefits to users at all levels of bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss. Like all supplements, Crazy Bulk does come with negative reviews, but the overall majority are positive which prove they offer something more substantial than the majority of brands available to us!

Frequently Asked

Within this section of our Crazy Bulk review, you will find frequently asked question submitted to us from our readers. We have listed our responses for your convenience. If your inquiry is not listed then please do contact us and we will reply ASAP.

Enquiry: Does Crazy Bulk sell steroids?

No, these are NOT anabolic steroids. No product or ingredient sold by Crazy Bulk are banned or considered dangerous. You can use these in any sport, competition, armed services because they are natural extracts that are generally already present in your body. Cray Bulk just enhances them to help your body gain muscle, shed weight or boost testosterone.

Enquiry: Can I order these from Canada?

Yes, Crazy Bulk are happy to ship their formulas all over the world. All you have to do is order, list your address and create an account. People in US, EU, UK, and Canada receive totally free trackable shipping options. If you reside in a country not listed then you may have to pay a small shipping and handling fee of 9.99.

Enquiry: How long before I see the effects from Crazy Bulk?

As a ball point figure, using the average timescale listed in user reviews. We suggest around the 2-week mark. But you must eat correctly depending on your needs. If your bulking eat protein rich foods and for cutting eat less fats and calories. Exerices should also match your cycle, bulking lift heavy and cutting lift light. As long as you follow these basic targets then you will see much better results using these supplements.

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