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CR8inc Marketplace, Affordable Mobile Marketing For Sarasota And Bradenton

Posted on the 14 November 2012 by Cr8inc @CR8inc

Small businesses in Sarasota and Bradenton need to be online and mobile? It's not if, its when! 

There is a shift happening in business communication which is forcing companies to get active advertising online and across mobile platforms. You may not be on the mobile bandwagon right now and you might even be one of those who thinks that your customers are not "in that demographic" but you couldn't be further from the truth and if you don't change your thinking your business might just get left in the dust. 

Many companies understand that they need to be engaging their audience in new and creative ways. They know they need to be using social media for marketing and customer service, making sure their message is optimized for mobile platforms as well as creating compelling content that people want to recieve and engage with. The only problem is that most small businesses don't have the staff or the expertise to get these things done inhouse and make sure they follow best practices for online inbound marketing and mobile optimization. 

CR8inc Marketplace (MARKETinc) Features and Benefits

So what is a Sarasota or Bradenton small business to do when faced with the task of jumping in to the world of online inbound marketing while still keeping an eye on the bottom line. Its easy, outsource your marketing by using a platform like CR8inc's marketplace to create mobile friendly landing pages, lead conversion forms, mobile marketing tools and automated email workflows for targeted lead nurturing campaigns. 

The CR8inc marketplace (MARKETinc) is a subscription based marketing platform that gives small businesses in Sarasota, Bradenton and beyond the ability to jump in to the world of online marketing without breaking the bank. Included in your marketplace subscription is access to a full feature mobile marketing suite that includes sms and text marketing, automated email workflows, customized calls to action on your listing page and mobile friendly landing pages that let you capture lead data from anywhere. 

CR8inc Marketplace Mobile Marketing Features: 

  • Marketplace listing: the marketplace listings will drive traffic to your listing page which can be branded with your company logo. The marketplace listings are broken down by category, optimized for local search, marketed to Sarasota and Bradenton and is mobile friendly.
    • Link directly to your website and increase your web authority
    • Develop specialized offers focused on lead conversion
    • Customize your page with videos, picture and other relevant information about your company. 
    • Include your hours of operation and phone number for quick contacts
  • SMS/text marketing: with your marketplace subscription you get full access to the CR8inc online text marketing platform, including all of our premium features and up to 1000 messages a month.
  • Customized landing page: your CR8inc marketplace subscription includes a custom designed, mobile friendly landing page which can be linked to from your website, reached with a QR code or advertised in any traditional media you are currently using. 
  • Email workflows: All of the CR8inc marketplace landing pages are tied to our customized email workflows. Email workflows allow you to automate your follow up emails and increase your lead nurturing efforts online. You create a series of emails to drive traffic either to another conversion page or back to your website. Its all about creating a closed marketing loop in order to fully engage your audience. 

Taking the next step

So now you know. Quit sitting around wondering how your small business can get in to the world of online marketing, mobile marketing and inbound marketing all in one place. The CR8inc Marketplace (MARKETinc) provides the most robust and comprehensive online marketing solution for companies in Sarasota and Bradenton. It is an affordable solution which will allow you to enter the mobile marketing world without making a huge technology investment, staff investment or any other major capital investment. Additionally, the whole product offereing is scalable so as you grow, your online marketing strategies can grow with you. 

CR8inc Marketplace, Affordable Mobile Marketing For Sarasota And Bradenton

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CR8inc Marketplace, Affordable Mobile Marketing For Sarasota And Bradenton

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